Conditions for issuance of construction capacity certificates

What is a Construction Competency Certificate?

The construction capacity certificates issued to construction company is an assessment of the Ministry or Department of Construction, showing that such enterprise is capable of executing construction projects. Vietnamese law stipulates that this certificate is valid for up to 10 years.

Chung chi nang luc xay dung

Items that require a competence certificate to be allowed to be constructed

Enterprises are required to have a construction competency certificate when participating in one or more of the following fields:

  • – Construction planning
  • – Construction survey (topography, geology)
  • – Design, verify construction design of works (architectural design; structural design; M&E design; design of traffic works, agricultural and rural development works; technical infrastructure projects)
  • – Constructing construction works
  • – Supervision of construction works
  • – Managing construction investment project
  • – Construction inspection
  • – Managing construction investment cost

Conditions for being granted a Construction Competency Certificate


Nang luc xay dung

According to Vietnamese standards, there are three types of construction competency certificates:

  • – Certificate Of Competency Class I
  • – Certificate Of Competency Class II
  • – Certificate Of Competency Class III

Certificate Of Competency Class II is the most popular for industrial construction contractors, so within the scope of this article, the Class II construction certificate will be covered in depth.

Conditions for being granted a Construction Competency Certificate Class II include::

  • – Having a business registration document, business establishment documents in the field of construction such as surveying, project formulation, equipment supply, consulting, design, construction, etc.
  • – Having machinery or equipment or being able to mobilize machinery and equipment for work
  • – The head of the construction company has a construction practice certificate of class II or higher suitable to the field of issuance of construction capacity certificates of enterprises.
  • – The staff has professional expertise suitable to the Construction Competency Certificate for which the enterprise applies.
  • – Having performed at least 1 class II or higher class construction project or 2 Class I or higher class construction projects.

The terms of each work item such as surveying, project formulation, project management, construction, design, etc. are clearly stated and detailed in Decree 100/2018/ND-CP.

Accordingly, when having a Certificate Of Competency Class II, enterprises can participate in bidding and construction of planning works of districts or Departments of Construction.

To be granted a certificate, enterprises also need to prepare a complete set of documents as required and submit it to the Department of Construction or other competent authorities for consideration. Upon expiration, businesses need to submit a new application to be re-certified.