DELCO in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant impact on the societies and activities of many businesses.

During this Covid-19 period, DELCO and its construction sites had implemented all the possible preventive measures as proposed by the Government of Vietnam.

At DELCO’s headquarter and site offices, staggered working hours were implemented with start/end work time avoiding rush-hour times as well. At DELCO’s project site offices main entrance, temperature of all workers would be measured daily in the morning & afternoon by Delco’s security guards.

Materials were also planned to be delivered to project sites in advanced so as to prevent any problem with site installation works due to subsequent movement control by the Government.

Hand sanitizers & Covid-19 prevention instruction sheets were made available at the entrance as well. Face masks were distributed to all and safe distancing were practiced in area of work.

Thanks to all these options, DELCO has NO positive case of Covid-19 and still meeting the progress of all the projects, thus making a small contribution in the socio-economy development & the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.