DELCO organizes a 7-day intensive training course

The training course is expected to help each DELCO engineer and manager save 216 – 246 working hours / year, reducing the error rate from 5-7% to 2-4%; help to improve the quality of human resources, save costs, thereby increase the company’s competitiveness. 

2020 is considered a relatively successful year for DELCO, with many successive major projects being completed on schedule such as: Power Plus Technology Factory, HAEM Factory, ANNEX Electronic Company Project … It is expected that in 2021, DELCO will continue the momentum of growth in the number and scale of the project. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to spend the first working week of 2021 (January 4 – January 10) to organize a comprehensive training workshop for managers and senior personnel to increase the quality of human resources, increase competitiveness as well as reduce error rates in the design and buid construction.

It is estimated that the application of technology in the expertise and the coordination between departments can help each engineer and manager at DELCO save 214 – 246 working hours / year, reducing the error rate from 5- 7% down to 2-4%.

delco dao tao noi bo

The training modules are carefully designed, combining theory and exercises, together with tests of students’ applicability. The training topics range from professional knowledge to technology application skills at work, combining sharing feelings and experiences in the working process, making the workshop exciting, close and connected.

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The workshop received a lot of positive feedback from both students and faculty, not only helping to improve their professional skills, but also helping departments to understand each other’s expertise, thereby, bringing together the team spirit of the entire company.

“I see you guys trying very hard to get over yourself. Some did not work or rarely work with Excel, Googlesheet, CAD … so they were afraid to contact with IT, but through this training session, I believe they will actively explore and learn , practice to improve skills, to work more efficiently. Personally, after the workshop, I also learned and broken many things, learned a lot.”

Mr Lê Đình Doanh – QC Manager

“Thanks to the dedicated teachers who have “enlightened” us so much new knowledge that we have not found an answer for a long time. I am just busy working but still unable to figure out where I am and what should I do? A lot of indescribable emotions after the training week …”

Mr Vũ Tâm – Site Engineer

“Through the course I found myself.”

Mr Nguyễn Kiên – Site Manager

“Thank you so much, after this period we will create a more solidarity, share and support. Really a meaningful workshop.”

Mr Trần Mạnh – Deputy General Director