Visit DELCO's new office on 10th floor, Viwaseen tower, 48 To Huu St. - Delco Construction

Visit DELCO’s new office on 10th floor, Viwaseen tower, 48 To Huu St.

In September 2021, we officially moved DELCO’s office to the 10th floor of Viwaseen Tower, No.48 To Huu Str. The new office has an area of ​​3 times larger than the old office, with a full range of function rooms: meeting rooms, showrooms, cafeterias, CEO’s rooms and open workspaces for departments.

100% made by DELCO

Despite being very busy with many projects, members of the Project Department, Design & Consulting Department and all other office staff of DELCO are directly involved in the idea, design and construction of the new office. Each tile sample and glass pattern is carefully selected, expressing the design intent and personality of the DELCO brand.

Tất cả thành viên của DELCO team đều trực tiếp tham gia lên ý tưởng, thiết kế, thi công văn phòng mới

Creating green space is indispensable

“Green construction” is an integral element in the development principle of DELCO. Therefore, in any project, DELCO also tries to optimize the area of green trees, helping to improve the health and working spirit of the company’s staffs.

‘Xây dựng xanh’ là yếu tố không thể tách rời trong tôn chỉ phát triển của DELCO

Meeting Room of DELCO office


Green trees are present in all workplace in the office: from the reception, the meeting room, CEO’s room, … to each individual’s desk.

Cây xanh có mặt ở tất cả các không gian trong văn phòng: sảnh chính, phòng họp, phòng tổng giám đốc…, đến bàn làm việc của từng cá nhân.

Open working space – connecting everyone

In this new office, DELCO continues to use the open working space design, in order to connect and increase interaction between staffs in the department and between departments, etc. , increase work efficiency.

DELCO's office

Green plants of DELCO office



The cafeteria area is also designed with a modern style, airy space, helping to reduce stress after working time.

Khu vực cafeteria được thiết kế với phong cách hiện đại, không gian thoáng đãng, giúp giảm căng thẳng sau những giờ làm việc.