DELCO’s new year working atmosphere

At the office

On February 17 (the 6th day of the Lunar new year), all offices and construction sites of Delco officially came back to operation after the 2021 New Year holiday with many new plans and expectations.

khoi van phong còng ty xay dung DELCO DELCO engineers and officers are busy with paperworks, project drawings and consecutive internal meetings, meetings with customers… Beside current construction and maintenance projects, Delco is also approaching new projects. In the context of economic forecasts for 2021 that cannot be optimistic due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Delco sets the revenue target at a 10% growth rate compared to 2020. The enthusiastic working atmosphere on the first day of the year promises a very busy new year of Delco engineers, architects and staff.

At the construction site

After the Lunar New Year holiday, Delco’s engineers and workers returned to the site and kicked off a new year of hard work.

Dorco Living Vina Ha Nam – No.2 factory expansion project has started implementing the first items since the end of January. Up to now, the project has basically completed all temporary works and is undergoing experimental pile pressing. Let’s update the construction pictures of the project in the first working days of the new year:

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All DELCO employees seriously comply with the epidemic prevention regulations: check body temperature, spray disinfectant alcohol and wear masks before entering the construction site every day.
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