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Design – Build General Contractor

Design – Build General Contractor is the general contractor responsible for the entire project in terms of design and construction. What is the scope of work of this general contractor? What responsibles are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a Design – Build general contractor?

Design – Build General Contractor

Scope of work

In the contract signed between the two parties, the clause stipulating the scope of work of the construction contractor is clearly stated and this is the most effective basis for resolving related issues. Specifically, the contract will specify that the design and construction work must be within the scope of the project; task must be done includes design consultancy, survey work, technical drawing, autocad drawing, etc. and works related to the use and hiring of construction workers.

Rights and Obligations

Rights and obligations of contractors under each type of contract are specified in Decree 37/2015/ND-CP, detailing about construction contracts.

Accordingly, the D&B general contractor will have the following rights and obligations:

  • – Right to perform in accordance with the signed contract.
  • – Proposing or refusing work arising outside the scope of the contract. The contractor also has the right to refuse illegal requests from the investor.
  • – The right to be paid on time or to be rewarded for completing work ahead of schedule; right to claim compensation when problems arise.
  • – In addition, the Design – Build general contractor is also allowed to find, hire additional or replace subcontractors in the project work to ensure the interests of the investor as well as the reputation of the project.

Advantages and disadvantages when choosing a Design – Build general contractor


  • – When choosing a Design – Build general contractor, the investor will have an overall cost plan from the beginning of the project. Choosing a contractor to provide design and construction solutions should be close to the actual demands and budget of the investor.
  • – Save time by reducing design or material changes. The time required to select the general contractor may be only 20-30 days.
  • – Reduce management burden for investors. The design-build general contractor will be responsible for the warranty of the entire project, from aesthetics, usability to the operation of the factory. Therefore, the responsibility will be much larger than that of a normal general construction contractor.


  • – The disadvantages is that the investor has to accept the risks tin case the contractor has internal troubles or unexpected problems. Then the unfinished work at the construction site will be more difficult to complete. However, such a case happens very rarely.
  • – In many cases, because of price competition, contractors seek to cut materials or even violate design standards. So the investor should pay attention to select an experienced and responsible general contractor for the project.


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