Happy birthday DELCO 2021

Looking back at memorable moments in DELCO’s 14th birthday.

Established on November 20, 2007, the past 14 years have been a journey of striving, each year adding 1 year old is a new development step. Birthday is an opportunity for the DELCO great family to review the past journey together, happily entering a more brilliant new age.

Happy Birthday to DELCO

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This year, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, DELCO’s 14th birthday was also more special. Unable to gather and meet in a big party like every year, in the warm atmosphere of the Hanoi office, the DELCO office team and other projects representative gathered together, sharing the joy of turning 14 years old.

Tại Văn phòng Hà Nội, các “nam thanh nữ tú” có mặt từ sớm để trang trí văn phòng rực rỡ hoa và bóng
At the Hanoi Office, young men and women showed up early to decorate the office with flowers and balls.

Departments and teams take pictures to check-in with funny boards:

Team M.E.P chụp ảnh checkin
M.O.M M.E.P – nickname for the boys in the team “Master of Mechanical & Electrical”
Phòng Dự án
Check-in with Project Department
Team Dự án mở rộng
Check-in with technical team.
Team Tư vấn
Check-in with Consultant & Design team
Team "những bông hoa" DELCO
Check-in with DELCO’s ladies
Chúng ta là một gia đình!
We are a family!

Each member in turn took individual photos, showing affection and pride for our company.

Checkin cá nhân - Sếp Mạnh

Checkin cá nhân - anh Thành

Checkin cá nhân - chị Hương

Checkin cá nhân - Minh An

The program ended with a toast to congratulate and a warm meal of DELCO team.

Nâng ly chúc mừng sinh nhật DELCO 14 tuổi

Happy Birthday to DELCO! Wishing health and luck to all members of DELCO Team. Wish the “big friend” always strong, wish the next birthday will have more new achievements to be conquered!