How should investors choose a reputable general contractor in Vietnam?

In order to select a reputable general contractor in Hanoi in particular, and in Vietnam in general, investors need to consider many factors, not only reasonable construction costs but also the quality, prestige, and suitability of the general contractors.

Diverse experience

Each different construction project will have different technical requirements, construction methods and construction experience. Quality, reputable contractors who have built many factories in Vietnam will have diverse experience in many fields, offering construction plans in accordance with the production characteristics and requirements of the Investor.

Factories in the field of pharmaceutical production, probiotics or food need to be carefully calculated in terms of clean air supply system, ventilation, … to ensure standard pressure, humidity in the room. As for factories producing electronic components, the problem of static electricity is extremely important,  5V static electricity can damage electronic equipment and machinery. The more experience the general contractor has in building factories in a variety of industries, the richer the overall technical solution, the better it solves all the complex requirements of the factory.

nhà máy HAEM
Construction of anti-static vinyl flooring at HAEM VINA phone charger factory made by DELCO as Design – Build General Contractor. The carbon circuit on the vinyl floor helps to conduct the charges to the conductive glue layer, the entire charge will be led to the ground by the ground copper wire and neutralize the charge.
San epoxy chong tinh dien
Antistatic epoxy floor at the Power Plus Technology factory – factory producing power adapter and charger by DELCO as Design – Build General Contractor and provides smart factory solutions. Antistatic epoxy floor consists of high resistance epoxy coating combined with conductive activated carbon and copper grounding wire system to neutralize the charge.

In addition, the factory construction process may also face construction problems on a weak geological foundation, requiring special foundation treatments. Or in many cases, due to insufficient calculation and inaccurate assessment of the impacts of the surrounding environment, climatic and weather characteristics of each region, it can lead to rapid deterioration and aesthetic reduction in a short time. Prestigious factory contractors in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, or Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City … will be more  experienced and professional. These  contractors who understand the construction characteristics of each region can offer solutions to protect the factory right from the design stage. 

The more diverse experience in constructing factories the general contractor has, the more abundant comprehensive technical solution they have, the better they can handle all the complex requirements of the factory.

The quality of the works represent the qualifications of the construction contractor

The projects that have been handed over and put into use are the toughest test for the general contractor’s management, professional ability and construction quality. The positive feedback of the users themselves, the investor about the convenience and safety of the project, … is also an objective measure for investors to refer to.

Nha may Ac quy GS Binh Xuyen

Nha may Ac quy GS Binh Xuyen
GS Battery Factory in Binh Xuyen was made by Delco as Design-Build general contractor in 2017, after 4 years of operation, construction items such as paint, walls, roof,… are still bright and beautiful.

In addition, industrial constructions generally have a shorter lifespan than civil constructions, due to their continuous production, the effects of dust, corrosion, or poor maintenance. Therefore, referring to a few factories that have been in operation for 4-5 years, the investor will have the most accurate assessment of the design and construction quality of the general contractor.

Price terms

The lump-sum contract is safer for the Investor than an adjustable unit price or fixed unit price contract. With the Lump-Sum Turnkey Contract, in the case of additional items arising during the construction compared to the agreed design, or the material price increases abnormally, the Employer will not have to pay any additional costs.

Mặc tình hình tiêu thụ giảm, giá thép xây dựng vẫn tăng mạnh
From the end of November 2020 up to now, the price of steel as well as raw materials has increased sharply, making construction costs increase unexpectedly. If the investor cannot choose a reasonable general contractor, budget losses are inevitable.

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Package price terms often come with the Lump-Sum Turn Key contract, then the general contractor need to carefully balances all costs, ensuring the project implementation as committed without any additional costs.

DELCO là tổng thầu xây dựng chuyên thực hiện Hợp đồng Chìa khóa trao tay
Following our motto “No postponement, no additional expenses, we guarantee!” during the implementation, DELCO have become a general construction contractor specializing in the implementation of Lump Sum Turnkey Contracts, a reliable partner to many companies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries.

The above are the most important criteria to find a construction contractor that brings the highest quality to the project at the most appropriate cost with the company’s capital. In addition, the investor also needs to consider many other factors such as: labor safety in construction, project progress, …

Factors affecting factory construction cost

Form for collecting contractor information

Deploying a specific and transparent process, with clear and detailed requirements for information records, will help investors most accurately assess the ability of the construction contractors.

Proposed template of Contractor Information Profile below may help investors searching and selecting suitable general construction contractors:

  1. Bidding progress

1.1 Contractor prequalification progress: From …/…/… to …/…/…

Bidding documents are submitted by email. Investor’s email includes:

  1. Mr./Mrs ………………..Email….. Job title…
  2. Mr./Mrs ………………..Email….. Job title…
  3. Mr./Mrs ………………..Email….. Job title…

Preliminary results announced on: …/…/…. (in writing and by email)

Pre-qualification documents are guided in Section 2.

1.2 Bidding progress

Introduce the bidding package directly or send by email: …/…/….

  • Submit bids by email: …. : …. AM/PM, on …/…/… (Submit by scanned copy with stamp for bid letter and quotation summary)
  • Submit hard copy before: … :… AM/PM, on …/…/…
  • Offer letter includes:
  1. Quotation according to BOQ
  2. Construction schedule
  3. Documents of construction methods and construction site management
  4. Organization chart
  5. List of materials
  6. Proposal for change
  7. Methods to prevent the spread of Covid during construction progress.

1.3 Time to announce winning bid and negotiate: …/…/…

Form: by email and face-to-face negotiation.

2. Required documents for the prequalification process

1- Financial report (2018 – 2020)

2- Bank Confirmed Credit Rating Documents

3- Project profiles:

  • Projects for the last 5 years (Investor, country, area construction, contract value, scope of work)
  • Projects related to the investor’s industry

4- Company organization chart

5- Business registration

6- Certificate of competency in construction activities

7- ISO certifications

8- Company profile

9- List of partners and suppliers such as: steel structure, electrical equipment, fire protection…

10- Other documents (if any)

The above criteria are important to evaluate and select a prestigious factory contractor in Hanoi as well as many other provinces. In addition, investors also need to consider many other factors such as: labor safety in construction, progress of contractors’ other projects …