Jetro and Japanese enterprises visit and experience hi-tech agriculture at DELCO Farm

On 11/9/2018, DELCO was honored to greet JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and 13 Japanese companies to take a visit and cooperate in smart agricultural technology at DELCO Farm, Quan Tranh village, Nguyet Duc commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province.

Together with us, let’s look back at some photos of DELCO welcoming and working with representatives of JETRO and Japanese enterprises

jetro and japanese enterprises

 JETRO representatives and 13 Japanese enterprises took a memorial shoot with Mr. Le Khanh Manh – Founder of DELCO
introduction of delco smart farm

DELCO introduced about DELCO smart farms to JETRO and Japanese enterprises
smart vegetable farm

kimoji muskmelon farm

DELCO presented muskmelon houses equipped with hi-tech appliances, placed and managed by DELCO staff
the sensor chains for chicken farm

DELCO recommended the sensors, automatic supply chains for chicken farms
mr le khanh manh answered interview

Founder of DELCO – Mr. Le Khanh Manh answered JETRO interviews regarding technologies applied to DELCO farm

     The teabreak is served muskmelon juice, butterfly pea tea made by DELCO, all our guests felt excitements during the time spent here.

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