Construction news

Dorco Vietnam and Delco continue to cooperate in the factory expansion project in Ha Nam

Having worked with DORCO Investor, it is the quality and way of working of DELCO that have persuaded the investor to continue assigning Delco to be the general contractor of the DORCO LIVING VINA Ha Nam factory expansion project No.2. in the early stages of construction of piles, foundations and temporary structures. Dorco – the […]

HAEM VINA project – handing over the factory after 4 months of construction

As a Design & Build general contractor, DELCO continues to complete the handover and put into operation for the 2-storey factory using the prestressed floor structure – HAEM VINA factory, after only 4 months of construction. HAEM VINA Company limited HAEM VINA factory belongs to HAEM VINA Co., Ltd with 100% capital investment of Korea, […]

Handing over of ANNEX Electronics Company Limited

Having worked with the Investor ANNEX in small-scale industrial construction projects, it was the quality and the way of working of DELCO that persuaded the owner to continue assigning to Delco as the task as general contractor of the ANNEX company construction project. In November 2020, DELCO has completed the final items, handed over and […]

Vietnam Investment News

Vietnam’s GDP in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 4.8%, FDI increased by 18.5%.

Signs of economy recovery On the morning of March 29, the General Statistics Office of Vietnam announced the socio-economic data in the first quarter of 2021, according to which the GDP was estimated to increase by 4.48% compared to the first quarter of 2020. Many economists considered this as an impressive growth rate in the […]

Two-storey factories – the “easy but difficult” trend of industrial construction

Trend of 2-storey factories 2-storey factory is a new trend, which is interested by investors in recent years. The land fund is limited, while the trend of FDI in Vietnam continues to heat up despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the rental price of industrial real estate in Vietnam has continuously increased over the past 10 […]

Despite the decline in consumption, construction steel prices still surged

From the end of November 2020, the domestic construction steel price suddenly increased sharply, although the consumption decreased by about 10% compared to the previous month. According to estimates, in the period of December 2020, the steel price on the market is at 14.9 – 15.1 million VND / ton, equivalent to an increase of […]

DELCO news

DELCO invests in building a Colorful Container Complex in Bac Ninh

Sunshine DELCO Farm complex includes 13 colorful containers with full amenities will be a cozy resting place for clients, investors when visiting and working at DELCO’s works in Bac Ninh area and neighboring provinces. The building is located in DELCO Farm – a syntropy agricultural project invested by DELCO in Quan Tranh village, Nguyet Duc […]

DELCO’s new year working atmosphere

At the office On February 17 (the 6th day of the Lunar new year), all offices and construction sites of Delco officially came back to operation after the 2021 New Year holiday with many new plans and expectations. DELCO engineers and officers are busy with paperworks, project drawings and consecutive internal meetings, meetings with customers… […]

DELCO organizes a 7-day intensive training course

The training course is expected to help each DELCO engineer and manager save 216 – 246 working hours / year, reducing the error rate from 5-7% to 2-4%; help to improve the quality of human resources, save costs, thereby increase the company’s competitiveness.  2020 is considered a relatively successful year for DELCO, with many successive […]