Construction news

DELCO applies digital transformation in Design, Construction and Project management

What is digital transformation? The concept of digital transformation, is used in the era of technology and connection protocols, describes strong innovations in business models and operation by applying technology and digital techniques. In a highly competitive market, the price of construction materials has skyrocketed, digital transformation, process optimization, and cost savings have become mandatory […]

Dorco Vietnam and Delco continue to cooperate in the factory expansion project in Ha Nam

Having worked with DORCO Investor, it is the quality and way of working of DELCO that have persuaded the investor to continue assigning Delco to be the general contractor of the DORCO LIVING VINA Ha Nam factory expansion project No.2. in the early stages of construction of piles, foundations and temporary structures. Dorco – the […]

HAEM VINA project – handing over the factory after 4 months of construction

As a Design & Build general contractor, DELCO continues to complete the handover and put into operation for the 2-storey factory using the prestressed floor structure – HAEM VINA factory, after only 4 months of construction. HAEM VINA Company limited HAEM VINA factory belongs to HAEM VINA Co., Ltd with 100% capital investment of Korea, […]

Vietnam Investment News

Contractors struggle as construction materials prices surge

The price of construction materials, especially the high price of steel, caused contractors to struggle. Continued construction will certainly make a loss, stopping construction will violate the signed contract, greatly affecting the reputation of enterprises in the construction industry. Steel Prices Set To Go Through The Roof According to the Vietnam Industry and Trade Information […]

Vietnam tipped to become the global base for smartphone, tablet and laptop production

Large FDI projects of Samsung, Apple have been choosing Vietnam as a destination for production shift and expansion, helping Vietnam gradually become a global production base for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Tablets, smart phones, and laptops made in Vietnam Samsung – The largest FDI investor in Vietnam – Continues to invest strongly Present in Vietnam […]

Vietnam’s GDP in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 4.8%, FDI increased by 18.5%.

Signs of economy recovery On the morning of March 29, the General Statistics Office of Vietnam announced the socio-economic data in the first quarter of 2021, according to which the GDP was estimated to increase by 4.48% compared to the first quarter of 2020. Many economists considered this as an impressive growth rate in the […]

DELCO news

DELCO in the 4th wave of Covid-19

New wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam: several outbreaks in the industrial zones The 4th wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam, new strains that spread very quickly, have been breaking out in a number of provinces and cities. The number of positive patients in Vietnam has increased to 9,635 cases (as of 16:00 on June 10, 2021), […]

DELCO invests in building a Colorful Container Complex in Bac Ninh

Sunshine DELCO Farm complex includes 13 colorful containers with full amenities will be a cozy resting place for clients, investors when visiting and working at DELCO’s works in Bac Ninh area and neighboring provinces. The building is located in DELCO Farm – a syntropy agricultural project invested by DELCO in Quan Tranh village, Nguyet Duc […]

DELCO’s new year working atmosphere

At the office On February 17 (the 6th day of the Lunar new year), all offices and construction sites of Delco officially came back to operation after the 2021 New Year holiday with many new plans and expectations. DELCO engineers and officers are busy with paperworks, project drawings and consecutive internal meetings, meetings with customers… […]

Specialized articles

Changes in Circular 01/2021/TT-BXD on documents appraisal and issuance of construction permits

Related legal documents: Decree No. 15/2021/ND-CP detailing some contents on construction investment project management replacing Decree 59/2015/ND-CP, Decree 42/ 2017/ND-CP; Article 1, Article 4, and from Appendix I to IX of Decree 100/2018/ND-CP. Decree No. 15/2021/ND-CP states very clearly and specifically the process and procedures for appraising documents and issuing construction permits. Below is new […]

Some difficulties and inadequacies in the current appraisal and acceptance of fire prevention and fighting with industrial projects

The promulgation of the State’s regulations and standards in fire prevention and fighting activities in industrial works has had a great impact on the construction field, through the work of appraisal, acceptance and operation management of the project. However, there are still some inconsistencies between the legal documents and the actual situation, affecting the construction […]

The new points and notable changes of QCVN 01:2021/BXD on construction density

Related legal documents: Circular 01/2021/TT-BXD on QCVN 01:2021 – National Technical Regulation on Construction Planning replacing Circular 22/2019/TT-BXD on QCVN 01:2019/ BXD. QCVN 01:2021/BXD issued together with the guiding circular No. 01/2021/TT-BXD dated May 19, 2021 has a very noticeable change related to construction planning and impacts on investors: Net building density Net construction density […]