Regulations on construction contractors

Vietnam Construction Law, Decrees related to construction, guiding circulars, … are the legal documents that clearly regulate construction contractors. Accordingly, the regulations will include the terms of establishment, the way of operation, the conditions for signing contract, etc.

Regulations on construction contractors

Construction contractors need to comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law:

  • Regulations on business law

The contractor needs to be legally established, have business registration documents and business registration licenses in the appropriate field, has enough minimum necessary number of staff, board of directors have practicing certificates, company has a charter capital that fully meets the conditions for the enterprise to operate.

  • Regulations on construction abilities

Construction contractors are required to have a Certificate of Construction Activity Capability in order to participate in bidding and construction. The certificate is a part of demonstrating the construction abilities, including the qualifications of consultancy, design, installation, construction, etc. The certificate is valid for a maximum of 10 years according to Vietnamese law (According to Decree 59/2015/ND-CP on construction investment project management and Decree 100/2018/ND-CP on business investment requirements in state management).

  • Regulations on the responsibility of the contractor

General contractors must be responsible for their tasks, including performing contractual obligations, complying with the law, responsible for ensuring occupational safety in construction and warranty responsibilities.

The above provisions are to ensure the rights and obligations of the general contractor when signing a cooperation contract with the investor. The general contractor who strictly complies with the regulations is a reputable, responsible and reliable partner. When choosing a construction unit, investors need to consider to choose the most suitable partner.

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