The 15th birthday of DELCO and impressive performances

o celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary, the great DELCO family had the opportunity to gather together at DELCO Farm, participate in interesting activities and spend a warm and emotional Christmas Eve together.

DELCO version of Ring the Golden Bell contest

60 candidates from DELCO went through 30 questions based on a multiple-choice format and designed specifically for DELCO people. The content of the questions revolved around knowledge of all fields from nature, society to construction majors, and combined with questions about DELCO in the past 15 years.

The contestants in the Ring the Golden Bell competition with the version of “DELCO people”

The help from the Board of Directors members with the swinging game made everyone laugh a lot

The help from the Board of Directors members successfully brought 60 contestants back to the competition. The contestants also excelled in getting to the final question of the contest. However, in the last question “Since its establishment until now, how many projects has DELCO constructed with Japanese investors?”, all of the candidates couldn’t answer it correctly due to the short thinking time and too many projects DELCO has built. In the end, no champion was found. However, the Ring the Golden Bell contest really created an interesting and useful  environment, an exciting and fun competition atmosphere among the members, and an afternoon full of laughter for the whole DELCO family.

Impressive performances

9 art performances that came from the office department, the construction department, the farm department, and were scripted, directed and performed by the DELCO Team, created exciting and emotional performances.

The departments worked hard to practice the performances and prepared the props for 1 month. The performances were carefully invested from images to meaningful content, and unique in the way the message is expressed.

Poetic folk music in the performance of my Quan ho village by Accounting Department and Farm Department

The performance of ‘Chau Van’: Chau Be Bac Le by Structure and Design Consulting Department

DELCO’s Tao Quan and long-lasting memories of 2022

The performance of Funny old lady dance by DELCO women

The musical performance of Tam Cam Tale by Project Department was elaborately choreographed and received the highest number of votes from the audience.

An emotional Christmas Eve

On the evening of December 23, in the Christmas atmosphere and the cold weather at the end of the year, DELCO team had the opportunity to gather with our close friends, clients and partners in a cozy dinner party at DELCO Farm.

Here, the great DELCO family and the guests got together and immersed ourselves in nostalgic Jazz music…

Let’s celebrate and sing songs to celebrate DELCO’s birthday, Christmas and the coming new year…

The end of the program is an indispensable part which is the photos to save memorable moments:

See all photos of the event:

The shimmering golden lights and the party of sound and light made a memorable evening in the hearts of all DELCO team as well as our guests and partners. Congratulations on the 15-year journey and wish DELCO and our friends will always be successful on the road ahead!