Types of general construction contractor

A construction work consists of many phases, from project planning to actual survey, technical design, detailed drawings, construction completion to hand over, … Construction units will undertake one, or several, or the whole project mission. For each type of tasks, there will be each corresponding type of general construction contractor.

Popular types of general construction contractors

There are many ways to classify general construction contractors, but the most popular are the following 3 types:

– Design – Build General Contractor

– Engineering Procurement and Construction Contractor (EPC Contractor)

– General contractor of construction investment project, engineering, supplying technology equipment and constructing

Design – Build General Contractor

The Design – Build general contractor will participate and take responsibility from the actual survey, technical drawings, detailed drawings of the project, to the construction and completion stage. The general contractor must ensure reasonable drawings, optimal area and work function, while ensuring the quality and safety of construction, ensuring handover on time to investors.

Design and construction are two independent phases of a project. If the investor does not have much management experience, does not have enough manpower and management costs for each individual task, wants to find a contractor of primary responsibility to limit risks, the Design – Build general contractor will be the most suitable choice.

Tổng thầu D&B vừa là đơn vị nắm rõ từng chi tiết thiết kế, vừa là đơn vị tiến hành thi công, do đó việc thi công sẽ đồng bộ và dễ quản lý.
Design – Build general contractor is both the unit that understands every design detail and the unit that constructs the work, so the construction will be synchronous and easy to manage.
DELCO là 1 tổng thầu Design - Build cung cấp các giải pháp tổng thể cho chủ đầu tư, từ tư vấn thiết kế, thi công xây dựng đến triển khai hệ thống cơ điện nhà máy, giải pháp nhà máy thông minh
DELCO is a Design – Build general contractor providing comprehensive solutions for investors, from design consultancy, raw construction to M&E construction, smart factory solutions.

EPC General Contractor

EPC General Contractor is the unit responsible for the design, supply of technology equipment and construction of the entire project. Not only focusing on technical expertise like Design – Build general contractor, EPC General Contractor also has to pay attention to the process of purchasing machinery and equipment, installation for the project, ensuring technology transfer to the investor, ensuring warranty and maintenance service for the machines that they provide.

chủ đầu tư phải hết sức cẩn trọng khi sử dụng tổng thầu EPC

However, the investor must be very careful when using the EPC general contractor. The value of the EPC contract is often very large, many different work items are difficult to control by the investor, while the EPC general contractor is assigned almost with full authority, so the risk is quite large. In addition, each factory uses its own machinery and technical lines, requiring a professional view of experts, to ensure safety as well as quality in production.

General contractor of construction investment project, engineering, supplying technology equipment and constructing

This is the general contractor with the highest responsibility among the above general contractors: from making investment projects to designing, constructing, supplying technological equipment for the works. Not only requires technical expertise, the ability to supply technology systems, the general contractor must also have the capacity to advise and plan for effective investment projects.

tổng thầu chịu trách nhiệm cao nhất trong các loại tổng thầu

Although applying this type of general contractor, the investor will save much more time and manpower, but this is not the “universal key”. Similar to the EPC general contractor, if there is no management experience, not only does it not bring the expected efficiency, but the investor also incurs unreasonably high costs, causing budget waste.

Each type of general construction contractor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Investors should carefully choose type of general contractor in order to have the most suitable application direction for their construction investment projects.