What is a smart factory? Features and benefits

Smart factory is a terminology to refer to the improvement and optimization of the operation process of machinery and equipment through automation.

What is a Smart Factory?

Smart Factory is a production system where machinery equipment and production lines are connected flexibly, continuously process data, reduce downtime, optimize production and business processes.

Smart Factory structure

A Smart Factory usually has:

  • – The machinery and equipment systems and factory production line
  • – Internet of Things (IoT) system
  • – Artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Big Data to collect information, analyze and help users monitor and control the device.

So do cau truc cua Smart factory

Smart Factory’s features and benefits

This combination of a variety of modern technological elements will radically change management and production line efficiency:

  • – Optimize management costs, labor costs.
  • – Remote monitoring, optimal capacity and productivity.
  • – Improving quality and preventing risks quickly; limited human error.

The key of smart factory implementation

Expecting the difficulties of deploying smart factories to the maximum in order to prepare budgets and appropriately allocate resources is the key to successfully implementing this model:

  • – The most important factor for setting up a smart factory is infrastructure. From consulting, designing, constructing factory infrastructure to planning and designing M.E.P systems, all must ensure that new technical factors can be installed: sensor systems, actuators and IoT…
  • – Connecting IoT, using AI and Big Data requires managing a huge amount of data, optimizing the data center, upgrading information technology infrastructure … This large workload demands a lot of time and manpower.
he thong cham cong nhan dien khuon mat delco --
Application of AI technology at Smart Factory Power Plus Technology deployed by DELCO.

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  • – The factory needs to recruit and train qualified personnel to operate the smart factory, as well as train manager capable of reading – understanding – analyzing system reports, to optimize factory processes and productivity.
  • – Managers need to pay special attention to security issues. When all data of the plant are posted and stored on the internet, if something goes wrong, it will greatly affect productivity, manageability and security of the factory.
  • In 2017, WannaCry ransomware spread rapidly around the world, affecting many businesses because all data in personal computers are encrypted. If the same thing happened to the smart factory’s server system, how big a loss would be.
  • Understand these risks, DELCO sets up an independent server system for customers, cooperated with reputable Vietnamese partners to ensure information security.


Finding a partner with experience in successfully deploying Smart factory, can handle the “big data” problem, create a “data usage” mechanism, ensure “confidentiality” and understand key metrics of the factory, is the key of Smart Factory’s realization. DELCO is a quality general contractor, with experience in implementing 2 successful smart factory projects in Vietnam: Power Plus Technology Factory and GS Binh Duong Battery Factory. So DELCO can develop a real technology scenario at the reasonable cost.

Refer to the smart factory projects that have been successfully implemented by DELCO:

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