DELCO applies digital transformation in Design, Construction and Project management - Delco Construction

DELCO applies digital transformation in Design, Construction and Project management

What is digital transformation?

The concept of digital transformation, is used in the era of technology and connection protocols, describes strong innovations in business models and operation by applying technology and digital techniques.

In a highly competitive market, the price of construction materials has skyrocketed, digital transformation, process optimization, and cost savings have become mandatory requirements to increase competitiveness for general construction contractors like DELCO.

Comprehensive digital transformation at DELCO: from design, construction to project management

Exclusive technology development and process digitization

Currently, DELCO is exclusively developing construction project management softwares, based on the working process, project scale, intrinsic strength… of DELCO. The software allows to manage the entire process of implementing a typical industrial construction project, from survey – consulting – factory design, to construction implementation: material management, personnel management, schedule management… Thus, it helps to closely manage resources, ensure progress, avoid errors and improve staffs’ personal responsibility.

Promote human resource training

Besides infrastructure development, ‘people’ is a key factor in the digital transformation process at DELCO. Therefore, in order to increase the efficiency of digital transformation applications in industrial construction, DELCO focuses on training people, changing working habits, thinking proactively and quickly, to ensure the transparency and smoothness information flow between departments, divisions… to ensure the work is solved quickly, with quality and on time.

Training engineers and staff to use software in human resource management and material management