DELCO news

DELCO news

DELCO recruits many positions: Site Manager, Project Department Specialist, Electrical Design Engineer

Currently, DELCO is expanding its departments and recruiting staff in many positions, with competitive benefits and salaries, and an international working environment. DELCO recruits staff in DecemberElectrical EngineerMEP EngineerSite ManagerProject Department SpecialistSite EngineerBenefits of working at DELCO DELCO recruits staff in December As an industrial Design – Build general contractor specializing in the implementation of […]

Happy birthday DELCO 2021

Looking back at memorable moments in DELCO’s 14th birthday. Established on November 20, 2007, the past 14 years have been a journey of striving, each year adding 1 year old is a new development step. Birthday is an opportunity for the DELCO great family to review the past journey together, happily entering a more brilliant […]

Everything about the workspace at DELCO

Let’s take a tour around DELCO’s working spaces in Hanoi office and project offices in provinces and cities! DELCO office in HanoiWorking spacesCafeteria for rest and lunchProject management offices in the provinces DELCO office in Hanoi Working spaces DELCO’s office in Hanoi is located on the 10th floor, Viwaseen Tower No.48, To Huu Street. This […]

Visit DELCO’s new office on 10th floor, Viwaseen tower, 48 To Huu St.

In September 2021, we officially moved DELCO’s office to the 10th floor of Viwaseen Tower, No.48 To Huu Str. The new office has an area of ​​3 times larger than the old office, with a full range of function rooms: meeting rooms, showrooms, cafeterias, CEO’s rooms and open workspaces for departments. 100% made by DELCOCreating […]

DELCO in the 4th wave of Covid-19

New wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam: several outbreaks in the industrial zonesDELCO in the fight against Covid-19Accomplish 3 goals at the same time: Anti-epidemic safety – Guarantee progress – Quality New wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam: several outbreaks in the industrial zones The 4th wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam, new strains that spread very quickly, […]

DELCO invests in building a Colorful Container Complex in Bac Ninh

Sunshine DELCO Farm complex includes 13 colorful containers with full amenities will be a cozy resting place for clients, investors when visiting and working at DELCO’s works in Bac Ninh area and neighboring provinces. The building is located in DELCO Farm – a syntropy agricultural project invested by DELCO in Quan Tranh village, Nguyet Duc […]

DELCO’s new year working atmosphere

At the office On February 17 (the 6th day of the Lunar new year), all offices and construction sites of Delco officially came back to operation after the 2021 New Year holiday with many new plans and expectations. DELCO engineers and officers are busy with paperworks, project drawings and consecutive internal meetings, meetings with customers… […]

DELCO organizes a 7-day intensive training course

The training course is expected to help each DELCO engineer and manager save 216 – 246 working hours / year, reducing the error rate from 5-7% to 2-4%; help to improve the quality of human resources, save costs, thereby increase the company’s competitiveness.  2020 is considered a relatively successful year for DELCO, with many successive […]

DELCO in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant impact on the societies and activities of many businesses. During this Covid-19 period, DELCO and its construction sites had implemented all the possible preventive measures as proposed by the Government of Vietnam. At DELCO’s headquarter and site offices, staggered working hours were implemented with start/end work time avoiding […]

The new office of DELCO: open space for open mind

In the severely hot days of summer 2018, besides a lot of busy work, DELCO team still spends time preparing for the “new home” – a greener, more open space, ready for new ideas. Let’s take a look at some pictures of our new office! From design… … to reality

DELCO wins “Digital Technology Application in Agriculture 2018

“High-technology application on produce and traceability in agriculture” project by DELCO CONSTRUCTION & INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY has won Viet Nam Digital Awards 2018, to the category of Digital Technology Application in the agricultural sector. The award was given to 34 outstanding anticipations like VP Bank, TH True Milk, LienViet Post Bank … The ceremony […]