DELCO Men’s Day 2022

The 1st of July every year for us is DELCO Men’s Day – we spend a sunny early July day honoring the men who have been tempered and become strong at DELCO. 

This year’s DELCO Men’s Day, the DELCO family visited the land of Central Vietnam, together had fun playing Team Building by the beach, had an unforgettable Gala Dinner and a meaningful trip!

Let’s look back at the memorable moments of the Gala Dinner, where all DELCO-ers showed off their singing, performing arts…

The friendly football match between the Office team and the Construction team ended with a beer party.

Each game selected by the Team-Building organizers is a physical and intellectual challenge for the members of the DELCO team. The teams have shown solidarity and excellently overcome all challenges.

The trip ended with a lot of emotions. Hope to see all members of DELCO Team again in many more long trips!

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