Everything about the workspace at DELCO

Let’s take a tour around DELCO’s working spaces in Hanoi office and project offices in provinces and cities!

DELCO office in Hanoi

Working spaces

DELCO’s office in Hanoi is located on the 10th floor, Viwaseen Tower No.48, To Huu Street. This is an office building located on Le Van Luong and Khuat Duy Tien streets, which is relatively convenient for transporting within Hanoi as well as moving around the northern provinces.

Khong gian Xanh tai van phong DELCO

Khong gian xanh tai van phong DELCO

DELCO’s office is located on the 10th floor of the building, with an area of 3xx m², with a full range of function rooms such as: large meeting room, cafeteria for rest and lunch, CEO’s room and open working spacest. DELCO office is designed with the main idea of ​​Green Space, opening an airy, fresh and relaxing Green space at each person’s workplace.

Không gian làm việc mở tại văn phòng DELCO

Không gian xanh tại văn phòng DELCO

The green and modern working space not only helps the DELCO team have creative moments, improve work productivity, but also inspires design ideas and looks for green construction methods for factories, contributing to environmental protection and creating a platform for sustainable development for the Investor.

Cafeteria for rest and lunch

Cafeteria – không gian ăn trưa và nghỉ ngơi

Sitting for a long time at the computer, expose to numbers, drawings… every day, stress on both physical and mental is unavoidable. The Cafeteria area of DELCO office is designed in a modern and quiet spirit, with full facilities such as coffee, fingerfood, breakfast… along with a very chill view of the city. DELCO staffs can have lunch, relax during their lunch break, or brainstorm and discuss new ideas at Cafeteria. This place is also a comfortable, convenient and unique waiting space for clients and partners when coming to work with DELCO.

Project management offices in the provinces

Due to the specific nature of the industrial construction industry, each project has an operating office at the work site for the Site Managers and engineers to work and live, average use for only 3-5 months or longer, 9-12 months. But that’s not why we choose to be temporary with our place of work and living. The office of each project is carefully designed and constructed, ensuring the most convenience and comfort for engineers on site. The meticulousness and carefulness right from the first ‘temporary works’ item of the project is also a reminder that DELCO’s managers and engineers must always work carefully and in detail… throughout the work process, to ensure the best quality of work.

Văn phòng điều hành dự án của DELCO

It’s easy to find some “tough” regulation boards at any DELCO office, practicing neat, orderly and clean habits, wherever you are, personal desks or common living areas, warehouse areas or construction site rest area… This trains discipline and orderliness for everyone, from workers, subcontractors to partners, engineers, site managers at DELCO.

Van phong cong truong DELCO tai cac tinh

With such a working environment, DELCO team together share the positive energy, ready to face many challenges, meet many opportunities, go further together!