In order for the service to be complete and to ensure your interests, please note the following information and policies when using the website:

I. Privacy Policy

1. Purpose and scope of information collection

The term “Personal Information” in this Policy means information that identifies or is potentially personally identifiable to a customer. The types of personal information we process (which may vary by jurisdiction based on applicable law) include:
Company name, store, business unit, transaction address, tax code, Full name, contact address, Email, mobile phone number, desk phone number… We always inform customers know about the specific purpose if it is necessary to collect customer’s personal information on the website: and all information must be voluntarily provided by the customer.

2. Scope of information use

Personal information collected will only be used within the company. The Company may disclose personal information collected from customers to other parties such as: our agents, receiving and delivery services, in order to send products to customers as soon as possible. according to order information.

When necessary, we can use this information to contact customers directly in the form of: confirmation of order information, confirmation of product delivery to customers, confirmation of product delivery time. products according to customer information, confirm the location of product delivery…

3. Information storage time

The company will store the personal information provided by the customer on our internal systems, during the customer’s order creation process or when the customer requests to cancel the information provided in the process. create order.

4. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information

Address: No. 27 Mai Hac De, Nguyen Du Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, City. Hanoi
Hotline: 0936781080

5. Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data:

Customers who want to edit their personal information, please contact the company’s customer service department at the hotline: 0936781080, or send us an email, we will handle it.

6. Persons or organizations with access to this information

We may disclose or provide your personal information in the following cases when it is absolutely necessary:

(1) at the request of legal authorities;

(2) in cases where we believe it will help us protect our legitimate interests before the law;

(3) urgent and necessary situations to protect the safety and personal life of members of the company.

7. Committed to protecting customer’s personal information

The company will not share your information with any other company except agents, the departments that receive orders and deliver orders to customers according to order information. In some special cases, the Company may be required to disclose personal information, for example when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent threats to life and health, or for law enforcement purposes. The company is committed to complying with customer information security rules and National Privacy Principles.

8. Mechanism for settling complaints:

When a dispute arises, DELCO  INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY appreciates the solution of negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain the trust of members in the service quality of the INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY AND BUILD DELCO  and follow these steps:

Step 1: Buyer complains about our service via email:
Step 2: The Customer Care Department of DELCO INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY will receive the buyer’s complaints, depending on the nature and extent of the complaint, our side has specific measures. assist the buyer to resolve the dispute.
Step 3: In the event that is beyond the capacity and authority of DELCO INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY, the management board will request the buyer to bring this case to the competent state agency for legal settlement.

DELCO INVESTMENT AND CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY respects and strictly implements the provisions of law on protecting the interests of buyers (consumers). All acts of fraud and fraud in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

II. Payment policy

In order to flexibly support customers when paying for services to we apply the form of payment by cash, or by bank transfer.
Phase 1: After signing the contract, we collect 20% of the contract value in advance
Phase 2: At the time when we hand over the plan documents and are accepted by the customer, we will receive the remaining 80% of the contract value.

Prioritize cash payment, avoid errors and problems in the transfer process
The transfer content clearly states the information. In the process of transferring, if there are any problems, we are not responsible
We are committed to transparent, legal business, selling quality products, with clear origins.

III. Shipping Policy


All customers who buy products of  Delco Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company  have the need to deliver directly at home.


2.1. Free delivery :

– Free delivery and installation within Hanoi city

– Prices on each product do not include VAT.

2.2 . Delivery charge:

In addition to the above free shipping case, the remaining cases will be charged a delivery fee depending on the location. This cost will be notified and confirmed by the company with you before you make the payment and the company sends the goods.


Delivery time will be 1-3 days depending on the shipping distance.
In some objective cases, the company may delay delivery due to force majeure conditions such as: out of stock, unfavorable traffic, problems in the export process.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about shipping information, please contact the company’s Hotline for assistance.


The shipping service of the   Designated Company will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of the goods during the transportation of the goods from the   Company to you.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the goods upon receipt. When detecting damaged, scratched, broken, dented, or wrong goods, sign to confirm the condition of the goods with the delivery staff and immediately notify the Customer Care Department at our hotline number. Company .
After you have signed to receive the goods without making any notes or comments about the goods. Delco Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company     is not responsible for requests for return and exchange due to damage, scratches, breakage, distortion, wrong goods, … from customers later.
If the shipping service is designated and selected by you, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of the goods during the transportation from the Company to you. Customer will be responsible for freight and related losses.

IV. Warranty Policy

For work items, new construction or renovation, upgrading, the minimum warranty period is 24 months from the time of acceptance (for special-grade and grade-I works and work items); not less than 12 months for the remaining works and work items.
Perform construction warranty at Delco Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company

1. During the construction work warranty period, when detecting damage or defects of the work, the owner or manager or user of the work shall notify the investor to request the construction contractor to construction works, equipment suppliers provide warranty.

2. Construction contractors and equipment supply contractors shall perform the warranty on their assigned tasks after receiving the notice of warranty claim from the investor, owner or manager or user. Use the works for damage arising during the warranty period and bear all costs related to the implementation of the warranty.

3. Work construction contractors and equipment supply contractors have the right to refuse warranty in cases of damage or defects arising not due to the contractor’s fault or due to force majeure. ; In case the damage or defect is caused by the contractor’s fault and the contractor fails to provide the warranty, the investor has the right to use the warranty money to hire other organizations or individuals to perform the warranty. Investors or managers and users of works are responsible for strictly complying with regulations on operation and maintenance of construction works in the process of exploitation and use of works.

4. The investor is responsible for inspecting, pre-accepting the warranty performance of the work construction contractor and the equipment supplier.

5. Confirmation of completion of construction warranty:

a) At the end of the warranty period, the construction contractor and the equipment supplier shall make a report on completion of the warranty work and send it to the investor. The investor is responsible for certifying the completion of the construction warranty to the contractor in writing;

b) The owner or manager or user of the work is responsible for participating in certifying the completion of the construction warranty for the construction contractor and the equipment supplier at the request of the contractor. Investor.

6. Construction survey contractors, work construction design contractors, work construction contractors, construction equipment suppliers and other relevant contractors are responsible for the quality of the work. with the work done by me even after the warranty period”.


– Responsible for providing full information and content on land area, land location, local construction standards at the construction site and the requirements of the project management board to the Joint Stock Company. Delco Investment and Construction to serve consulting, design and supervision
– Be responsible for signing the construction permit and carrying out the completion procedures.
– Be responsible for paying us in full in accordance with the contract value
– Responsible for notifying the time and content of copyright monitoring to customers 24 hours in advance
– Responsible for completing and handing over all kinds of drawings and design documents in accordance with requirements and time to customers
– Responsible for copyright supervision during the construction period

Delco  Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company will not be responsible for the following contents:
– Appraisal of actual construction value
– Liability for damage to property and materials not due to design defects in the process
– Consultants outside the scope of expertise of the company
– Changes made by the owner compared to the original design documents