DELCO Internal Training in 2023

At the end of January 2023, DELCO organized internal training at DELCO Farm – Thuan Thanh – Bac Ninh. This is an annual activity at DELCO from 2020 to now.

First training session of 2023

At the end of 1/2023, DELCO successfully organized the first training session of the year with two main contents: work, construction and site management skills, issues regarding communication and brand protection.

The training content is meticulously created by DELCO trainers who invest time and effort into making it more understandable and inspiring..

Internal training 2023: strengthening expertise

With a long-term plan, DELCO focuses on training internal human resources methodically and aims to improve skills and working efficiency. Therefore, internal training is one of the very important recurring activities of the company. 

In 2023, DELCO team builds a specialized intensive training program, which updates the latest information on legal requirements in industrial construction, new construction technologies and solutions… in order to apply technical solutions that are most suitable for each client in different industrial parks.  The training program is implemented from management-level personnel to company-wide training, internal training in each department … Based on a combination of 2 factors: “Learning” goes hand in hand with “practice”, training is associated with practical work, creating conditions for all members to demonstrate their abilities.

Members of the DELCO team appreciate being able to build new skills, improve work efficiency and elevate themselves in more challenging roles..