DELCO recruits many positions: Site Manager, Project Department Specialist, Electrical Design Engineer

Currently, DELCO is expanding its departments and recruiting staff in many positions, with competitive benefits and salaries, and an international working environment.

DELCO recruits staff in December

As an industrial Design – Build general contractor specializing in the implementation of FDI projects from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, … to construct high-quality factories and workshops, applying smart technology, DELCO has quite strict requirements in candidates for each position.

Electrical Engineer

Department: M.E.P Dept.

Amount: 01

Job descriptions:

– Design drawings of M.E.P systems for pojects. Ensure the project drawing design progress, construction progress according to the planned schedule.

– Main responsibility for implementation of technical requirements, detailed design planning.

– Make a logic diagram (P&ID) of the system.

– Propose design solutions suitable to the project.

Job requirements:

  1. Gender: Male
  2. Education:

– Bachelor degree at a university majoring in electrical – electronic automation.

  1. Working experience:

– 2-5 years of experience in Electrical Engineer.

– Having practical working experience on systems using PLC is an advantage.

  1. Knowledge and skills

– In-depth knowledge about electrical design standards.

– Proficient MS Office, skills in making and presenting scientific reports…

– Able to self-study new equipment and software according to work requirements

– Able to communicate in basic English, read and understand English documents.

– Having a high sense of responsibility, hard work, sociability and long-term career orientation.

Salary: 14 – 16 million / month

MEP Engineer

Department: Technical & Planning Dept.

Amount: 01

Job descriptions:

– Responsible for project implementation and supervision.

– Directly inspect, monitor and evaluate the construction process on site, update information in the daily construction log book.

– Review drawings, deploy shop drawings, supervise construction items in accordance with approved designs and construction methods.

– Manage and supervise the quality as well as the construction schedule of worker teams and subcontractors.

– Check and confirm the workload of the worker teams, construction subcontractors.

– Prepare pre-acceptance documents, quality control documents, as-built drawings, payment documents in accordance with the process and requirements of the project and the company;

– Make working minutes of site handling, handling of arising volumes with representatives of the Supervision Consultant, the Investor.

– Prepare as-built documents

Job requirements:

1. Gender: Male

2. Education:

– Bachelor degree at a university or higher

– Qualification: Electrical/Electronics/Mechatronics/Refrigeration

– Proficient in using Word, Excel, Autocad, Outlook, PDF editor.

3. Working experience

– 02 years of experience in construction supervision of refrigeration and mechanical systems.

4. Skills:

+ In-depth knowledge about technical standards of M&E materials and equipment, construction installation

+ Proficient in construction skills, designing project construction drawings.

+ Skill in planning, problem solving, time management, effective working.

+ Able to work independently and in teamwork.

– Personal qualities:

+ Able to work under high pressure.

+ Positive and proactive at work

+ Honesty, responsibility and integrity

+ Willing to go on business trips when requested by superiors

Salary: 12 million / month or higher

Site Manager

Department: Construction Site

Amount: 01

Job descriptions:

– Manage and operate the entire project from the breaking ceremony to the project handover.

– Make the overall project plan: construction schedule, human resources plan, material plan, finance plan, labor safety, labor sanitation, fire prevention and fighting.

– Directly control the tasks from advance payment to completion QC documents, payment and settlement procedures.

– Coordinate with departments to report and organize work on the construction site.

– Working with the Investor, Supervision Consultant, Design Consultant … to implement the construction and the procedures for acceptance and handover according to regulations.

– Perform other tasks assigned by company management.

Job requirements:

1. Gender: Male (35 – 45 years old)

2. Education:

– Bachelor degree at Regular University

– Majoring in: Civil – Industrial Construction or Mechanical

– Practicing certificate: Class II – Civil and Industrial construction supervision certificate.

3. Working experience

– Minimum experience: 5 years in the field of civil, industrial, and electromechanical construction.

– Having worked as chief/deputy commander of Class II civil or Class III industrial works.

– Having worked for FDI projects is an advantage.

4. Knowledge and skills

– Planning and execution.

– Researching, analyzing, planning construction projects and project control, risk management.

– Evaluate the effectiveness of construction methods.

– Other skills: Communication, Presentation, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Teamwork.

– Proficient in using Auto CAD, MS Project.

– Proficient in using Word, Excel, Outlook, other online software (Google sheet, Dropbox, …)

Salary: 20 million / month

Project Department Specialist

Department: Project Dept.

Amount: 01

Job descriptions:

– Estimate Quantity for bidding/material order

– Propose materials to be used for the project in the bidding phase

– Propose construction methods, make bid quotation / arising quotation

– Manage and monitor the performance of subcontracting and supplier contracts

– Other tasks assigned.

Job requirements:
1. Gender: Male
2. Education:

– Bachelor degree at University of Civil Engineering majoring in Construction Engineering or Construction Economics

3. Working experience

+ 3-5 years of experience in making tender documents

+ Having worked on industrial and factory projects is an advantage.

4. Knowledge and skills:

– Specialized English: can read/write at an average level (Can be further improved at the company during the working process)

– Good communication, sociability, honesty

– Office skills: Proficient in using Excel, Word, using Autocad…

– Priority is given to people with good logical thinking, making clear and coherent spreadsheets.

Salary: 12 – 15 million / month

Site Engineer

Amount: 02

Job descriptions:

– Receive approved construction drawings, read and master the drawings.

– Detect errors and omissions from existing data and report them to direct management.

– Analyze and evaluate requirements, provide reasonable construction methods, ensure schedule and technical requirements.

– Prepare drawings of construction methods, construction cost estimates when required.

– Planning materials, labor and machinery for the work site to ensure the construction schedule.

– Supervise and control quality, schedule and safety at construction sites.

– Supervise subcontractors for construction in accordance with the contract and design.

– Acceptance of construction works of subcontractors and construction worker teams.

– Update site drawings

– Take responsibility before the Company for the work at the construction site.

– Other tasks assigned by the company’s Board of Directors

Job requirements:
1. Gender: Male
2. Education:

– Bachelor degree at University majoring in Construction, Traffic

3. Working experience

– Experience in design or construction.

4. Knowledge and skills:

– Good communication, negotiation, persuasion, teamwork skills

– Willing to work overtime and go on business trip according to the needs of the job and the site.

– Able to work independently, withstand high pressure at work, have ambition, honesty and work ethic.

Salary:12 million / month or higher

Benefits of working at DELCO

– Working in a professional and dynamic environment.

– Pay social insurance and health insurance premiums according to state regulations;

– Enjoy the company’s welfare regime: 1 year vacation trip, birthday…

– Bonus at least 13th month salary and bonuses according to work performance.

–  Vacation and holidays as prescribed by law.

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