The new office of DELCO: open space for open mind

The new office of DELCO: open space for open mind

In the severely hot days of summer 2018, we received a very surprising information that not anyone has imagined about: DELCO has a new office officially!!! We found cool immediately like being presented with a fresh ice-cream by a girl…

DELCO will have a professional office, with a spacious office having a lot of trees where we can listen to music, watch movies or enjoy a cup of coffee and view the street at the end of the day or under the sparkling lights of the city at night.

You can imagine that you are sitting in a modern café where provides you the inspiration to be creative in the work, then helps you easily connect to other departments to quickly share information when deploying the company’s project.

We also imaging that we will create a large 3D picture about the sea with a vessel drifting under the blue sky. Everyone want to appear on such vessel to relax and enjoy such immense feeling!

… to reality

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