Visiting the plastic factory project of Hong Kong Investor, DELCO is the Design – Build Contractor

Plastic manufacturing factory project of Hong Kong investor in Lai Cach Industrial Park, Hai Duong,  which DELCO works as  design-build contractor.

Let’s visit the work and update the progress of this project.

Du an 3LVN 1

The factory’s construction progress is quite urgent, with strict technical requirements from the Investor and the construction supervision unit. Up to now, DELCO is still following the progress and ensuring the quality of the items.

Du an 3LVN 2

Du an 3LVN 3

Du an 3LVN 4

The short construction time requires careful preparations: preparing materials, machinery, large quantities of labor, temporary construction, connection of temporary infrastructure systems, and implementation of surface work quickly.

Du an 3LVN 5

Underground tank items have been constructed in weak geological locations. DELCO chose the construction method using Larsen piles to ensure the quality of the structure, as well as protect neighboring items and the industrial park’s technical infrastructure system.

Du an 3LVN 6

After constructing the tank, filling it with soil, and compacting it, it is possible to deploy adjacent items related to the water tank such as guard house, pump room, fence system… Therefore, the construction process takes quite a long time. However, up to now, DELCO’s team of engineers and technical staff strictly follow project’s progress and construction management to ensure the best finishing quality.

Du an 3LVN 7

Du an 3LVN 8

Du an 3LVN 9

Du an 3LVN 10


Phase 1 of the project is now in the technical completion stage and the handed over stage is expected to be in December 2023.

DELCO will continue to update the latest progress of the project through Website, Youtube DELCO Construction and Fanpage of DELCO Construction.