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3 reasons for investors to choose factory construction in Long An

Thanks to a favorable geographical location and reasonable investments in recent years, 2021 marks an important milestone when Long An leads the country with many FDI projects and
factory construction projects in Long An.

3 reasons for investors to choose factory construction in Long An

Major geographical location

Long An has a very special location: in the Mekong Delta region, while is in the southern key economic region; is the gateway connecting the Southeast with the Southwest, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City – the largest economic center in Vietnam, and also a gateway for international trade with about 133 km of the border with Cambodia…

Bản đồ Long An

Long An has great potential for sea transportation, inland waterways and international maritime. Long An International Port can receive ships of 50,000 tons, and in phase 2 can receive ships of up to 70,000 tons.

In addition, Long An is an abundant agro-fishery material area in the Dong Thap Muoi area, which is considered to have great potential for FDI investors to develop multi-sectors and multi-fields such as: processing industry, trading, services, …

Các cơ sở chế biến nông sản là thế mạnh của tỉnh Long An
Agricultural product processing facilities are the strength of Long An province

Invested infrastructure

Currently, the whole province of Long An has 35 planned industrial zones, of which 16 industrial zones are operating with an area of 2,385 hectares, the occupancy rate is more than 89%. The province also has a plan to invest in infrastructure to have 3 additional industrial zones eligible to receive investment, creating more clean land fund to attract investors and factory construction projects in Long An in 2021.

KCN Long An

In addition, in the period of 2021 – 2025, Long An also promotes the construction of transport infrastructure with a total mobilized capital of about VND 30,000 billion.

Support from the government

In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, many businesses had to reduce capacity, stop operations or even move part of their orders abroad due to supply chain disruptions, Long An proactively and promptly solved difficulties for enterprises, issued a plan to restore production and business, allowing enterprises to build production plans suitable to their own conditions and continuously support businesses in the post-Covid-19 period…

Long An leads country in attracting FDI in 2021

According to a recent report by the General Statistics Office on the socio-economic situation in the first 11 months of 2021, the total registered foreign investment capital into Vietnam as of November, 20th reached 26.46 billion USD. In which, Long An is the leading FDI attraction in the country with a total investment capital of 3.76 billion USD.

Long An dan dau ca nuoc ve thu hut FDI

In the complicated situation of Covid – 19, Long An still obtained quite positive results in attracting FDI. After only 1 month since the announcement of the return to the Covid green zone in early October, the province has continuously attracted many large investment projects such as: logistics project of Daiwahouse Group (Japan) with investment capital of more than 29.9 million USD; yarn and fabric production project with a scale of 20 million USD of Chinese investor and 2 projects of Singapore in the field of infrastructure investment and plastic film production with a scale of nearly 20 million USD… One of the particularly important FDI projects granted investment registration certificates by the province in 2021 is the Long An I and II LNG Power Project, invested by VinaCapital GS Energy Pte.Ltd (Singapore) with the investment capital up to 3.1billion USD.

Dự án sản xuất hạt giống và các sản phẩm nông nghiệp của nhà đầu tư Thái Lan mà DELCO đang tham gia gói thầu Tổng thầu xây dựng nhà máy tại Long An.
The project of producing seeds and agricultural products of Thailand investors in which DELCO is participating in the contract of Factory Design – Build General Contractor in Long An.

With many advantages in geographical location, investments in infrastructure, and close attention to supporting businesses, economic experts predict that Long An will receive more FDI in the coming time, and many expand production and factory construction projects in Long An will soon be implemented.

Information sources: Thanh Nien Newspaper, Vietnam Economic Magazine VnEconomy


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