Factors affecting factory construction cost

Two factories were built with the same area, similar scale and similar architecture, but certainly the construction cost is not the same. Because there are many factors, from objective to subjective, affecting the cost of factory construction. 

Geological factors

Geological factors directly affect the construction cost of the factory foundation. Geological survey will show the depth of pile pressing to lay the foundation, that reach the soil layer that able to bear the load over time. The weaker the soil foundation is, especially the areas near the river with the thick mud layer, the deeper the pile foundation must be, the higher the cost of drilling and pressing piles, constructing the factory foundation, improving or reinforcing the foundation.

Experienced general contractors, with objective and relatively accurate assessments of the geological conditions of each region, will be a reputable factory building consultant for the investor.

Thi công nhà máy Power Plus technology
Construction of the foundation at Power Plus Technology factory – Que Vo 3 Industrial Park, Bac Ninh, by DELCO as the general contractor, the average length of pile pressing is from 16-22m.

The provinces that are assessed to have flat terrain, stable geology, strong bearing ground, favorable for the construction of industrial factories are in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Hanoi, Hai Duong, Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh…

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The more complex the factory design, the higher the construction cost

Simple or complex factory design greatly affects factory construction quotation. The more complex the structure, the more calculation is needed. A difficult project will require a team of experienced and skilled engineers and construction workers who can offer the best and most optimal construction methods. Management costs as well as labor costs for complex designs will be higher than for conventional projects.

Mô hình nhà xưởng 2 tầng tối ưu diện tích, tiết kiệm chi phí


Requirements on construction materials

60% of the factory construction cost is determined by the construction materials of the project. Same as building materials, but there are many brands suppliers to choose. Many investors are quite careful in choosing construction materials, so the factory construction quotation depends a lot on the investor’s requirements.

The production field of the factory and the specific requirements of the industry have a significant impact on construction materials. Electronic factory will have very high requirements for static electricity. Accordingly, antistatic construction materials such as epoxy floor paint or vinyl tile, etc. are also difficult to construct and have high cost.

Nha kho nha may dien tu HAEM VINA

Phòng sạch tại nhà máy thực phẩm Phạm Nguyên Cơ sở phía Bắc

Requirements on progress

Factories construction usually takes place in a short time, 3 to 6 months on average. Sometimes because of an expansion or renovation project right on the premises of the manufacturing factory, it has to be constructed without affecting production, or for some other reason, the construction time needs to be further shortening, increasing night work, urgent progress, …. This requires very high efforts from the construction contractor, both in terms of human resources, machinery and methods of organizing construction on the construction site, and at the same time push the factory construction cost higher than the normal project.


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