Considerations when designing and constructing the factory’s M.E.P system

Considerations when designing and constructing the factory’s M.E.P system

Design and construction of electromechanical systems (M.E.P) is always an important item for any factory project. The suitability of the MEP system with the production characteristics as well as the scale of the factory is the key to the safe and stable operation of the factory, and the high efficiency of production.

The electrical system ensures the factory’s production line operates

Responsible for supplying power for the production activities of the whole factory, the substation system, electrical cabinets, electrical cable system is considered the most important part.

Thi cong tram bien ap tai DORCO

The type of electrical cable and conductor should be selected to suit the electricity usage capacity of the workshops and factory. The location of the Main Switch Board, transformer station, etc. also needs to consider many factors. DELCO always advises the investor to arrange the Main Switch Board and Distribution Boards in a scientific manner, while ensuring the safety of power supply for each area, and preventing risks so that electrical incidents in this area do not affect the production activities of other areas, while optimizing electrical wiring and construction costs for investors.

In the power cable installation, electrical cabinet construction, etc., wires are need to be marked with a ring of colour-coded tape to make the purpose of each individual wire clearer. Do not let the wires overlap, scratch during construction, connection or maintenance, also shows the professional construction attitude of the contractor. Electrical cabinets, cable tray ladder systems, … are arranged neatly and reasonably, screws and bolts are tightened and not loose, cables and signal wires run in neat and coherent cabinets, not only ensuring aesthetics, but also safe, easy to inspect and maintain.

Construction of electrical cabinets at Power Plus Technology factory in Bac Ninh, DELCO is the Design – Build general contractor. The electrical cabinet is always the most meticulous item, not only ensuring the best and most accurate technique but also ensuring aesthetics.

Optimal solution for Extra Low Voltage System

Factory Extra Low Voltage System includes items: lights, cameras, communication systems, alarms…

Perfect lighting design will ensure the factory’s production process continuously day and night. Depending on the characteristics of each type of factory, lighting requirements are also different.

In factory design, DELCO always carefully studies the characteristics and properties of the production factory, carefully calculating to both have the most suitable lighting system and make the most of natural light, optimizing costs for investors.

Fire – fighting system meets the latest standards

Manufacturing factories are often places with many potential risks of fire and explosion, so it is extremely important to install a fire protection system that meets Vietnam’s fire protection technical standards and regulations.

Sprinkler automatic fire extinguishing system. The sprinkler head performs two functions at the same time as both a heat sensor and a sprinkler, activating when the fire temperature reaches the threshold.

Regulations on fire prevention and fighting of factories in 2021 have many changes and become more complicated in terms of fireproof wall inspection; fireproof paint on the steel frame;… As a MEP general contractor, DELCO is always proactive in updating new regulations, ready to advise investors on design and construction options that meet standards, accompany investors in the process of licensing fire prevention and fighting.

Factory air-conditioning and ventilation system

Hệ thống điều hòa nhà máy Power Plus Technology

The factory is an area with many workers, machinery, industrial dust, so the problem of air conditioning – ventilation in the factory to create a safe working environment, ensure the health of workers, as well as as productivity enhancement is required.

Special production environments that require strict humidity such as clean rooms of food industry factories, some large heat-generating working locations such as mechanical workshops, printing factories, etc. need well-organized air-conditioning and cooling systems that are calculated so that the louvers bring cool air evenly to the whole factory, ensuring the best production quality.

Máy điều hòa đặt sàn nối ống gió công suất lớn tại nhà máy in bao bì DORCO Living Vina
Large capacity floor standing air conditioning at DORCO Living Vina packaging printing factory in Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam, by DELCO as the factory’s general contractor.

Other working areas may consider taking advantage of natural ventilation to bring economic benefits to the investor, but at the same time, the appropriate design must be calculated to create a comfortable environment for employees in the industrial workplace.

Plumbing and sanitary systems

The design of water supply and drainage pipes must be reasonable, the pipe to the water-using equipment is the shortest, meeting production requirements, convenient for use, management, inspection and repair. In construction, it is extremely important to use the right construction materials and execute the drawings correctly. The improperly installed water supply and drainage system will make the building quickly degraded due to seepage, subsidence, moss and especially unpleasant odors, affecting the production activities of the factory.

Factory wastewater generally consists of many unwanted by-products in the production process. For energy factories, the output wastewater has a high percentage of inorganic substances and metals. The composition of wastewater from food and agricultural factories is often very complicated… Therefore, the post-production process of wastewater treatment before being discharged into the environment is very important. The recent trend of industrial wastewater treatment is the recycling of treated wastewater.

As a reputable M.E.P contractor, for the M.E.P system of each factory, DELCO always researches and offers specialized solutions, suitable to the specific characteristics, production reality and requirements of the Investor, optimizing factory operating costs as well as save management personnel.

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