Construction Management, Supervision and Quality Control


Always be detail-oriented

For industrial construction projects, even a small mistake can seriously affects the safety, the lifespan and the productivity of the facilities. Therefore, the monitoring and controlling process requires staffs who have had long-time experience and continuously gain knowledge of the latest technologies in this field. For over 13 years, we have been trusted and appointed as a monitoring and quality management unit in many construction projects.

After various major projects, we have a multiplicity of experience in industrial construction field as well as technical personnel management. Hence, we have skillfully construction management and supervision beside the support of quality management tools. Full construction process will be updated weekly to clients and recapped on the general report to keep our works informed about the progress and quality.

In each category, all of DELCO’s staffs show their devotion even in the simple works, so that we ensure the highest quality for the project as well as build our partnerships on mutual trust.