What is
a fire protection system?

In essence, the factory fire protection system is a set of devices that help detect, warn, and prevent in time, helping to minimize the loss of life and property caused by a fire. .

The factory fire protection system usually includes the following items: fire alarm system, smoke extraction system, fire fighting system and emergency light system.

Fire fighting system

Fire alarm system

The fire alarm system is responsible for detecting and warning of fire to the control center and the people in charge of the location/area of fire in order to promptly control and fight the fire.

The fire alarm system includes smoke and fire detection equipment, sound/light warning such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm lights, fire alarm bells, fire alarm control panel…

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Fire fighting system

The items of the fire fighting system are quite complicated, there are many different types. Each system consists of the following main components: a pipeline, a tube, a container for the fire extinguishing (powder, gas or water). Fire fighting systems can operate automatically or not automatically depending on design requirements.

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Fire fighting hose reel system

The wall fire fighting system includes the following items: pump station, water supply, one/two-way valves, pressure relief valve, overpressure protection valve, hand valve, wall fire cabinet, water cannon. When there is a fire, people extinguish the fire by opening the stop valve, immediately the high pressure water flow of the wall fire fighting system will spray out, creating a water cannon to put out the fire and fight the fire.

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Fire Sprinkler system

The system includes Sprinkler heads, fire pump system, pipes, fire fighting valves and fire alarms. Sprinkler systems are used to protect facilities with low fire risk and medium fire risk. For this system, the pipeline is always filled with water and maintained at a certain pressure according to fire water pressure standards.

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Foam fire suppression system

Foam fire extinguishing system works on the principle of isolation, helping to quickly extinguish fire, reduce equipment damage, and reduce the amount of fire extinguisher needed. When activated, the system will spray a type of foam covering the surface of gasoline and oil; separate the flammable liquid from the oxygen to put out the fire.

Foam fire extinguishing systems are often used in areas with high fire and explosion risks such as petrol tanks, chemical warehouses, etc.

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Fm-200 fire suppression system

The FM200 gas fire extinguishing system will react with the combustible substance to absorb the heat of the fire, preventing the chemical reaction of the combustion process, thereby helping to quickly extinguish the fire. FM 200 gas does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the air like a CO2 system, so it does not cause asphyxiation, does not affect people in the room when the spray system discharges.

FM 200 is non-conductive, so it won’t short out delicate electronics or shock circuits, thus causing less damage to electronic components factories.

Smoke extraction system

The smoke extraction system consists of exhaust fans, large pipes, sensors, control valves and power source.

When there is smoke due to fire, the sensors will recognize and transmit a signal to the control cabinet, then the fan will automatically suck the smoke into the large pipe and bring it to the outside, thereby limiting the spread of fire to other areas, reduce the risk of workers suffocating smoke and toxic gas, reduce human casualties.

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Incident lights, exit lights, emergency lights

This is a lighting system manufactured according to the mandatory standards of the fire protection system, including lights using independent batteries. When there is a fire alarm or power failure, the lights will automatically switch to using electricity from the battery instead of the factory’s common power source as usual, promptly instructing the exits for people in the factory.

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Anti-lightning system

The system includes: air-termination, down-conductor and ground rod, in addition, it may include additional secondary lightning protection devices (transmission or inductive lightning protection system). When there is heavy rain, the factory is at risk of being struck by lightning, the lightning protection system will limit the transmission and influence of lightning to electrical equipment or flammable objects in the factory.

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