What is HVAC system?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.

HVAC is a system that controls and regulates temperature, humidity and air flow in and out of a factory. Depending on the type of the factory, the requirements of the investor or the standards of some separate industries, each factory has a different HVAC system.

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How does it work?

The HVAC system include of three main systems: heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

  • The heating system heats the air to a standard temperature and distributes it to the entire factory area. Heat can be achieved by boilers, furnaces, or heat pumps circulating hot water, steam, or directly heating air in a central location, such as an indoor furnace room or a mechanical room in large buildings. Heat is transferred through radiation, conduction or convection.
  • The ventilation system helps to improve the air quality in the enclosed space with fresh air from the outside, which helps to eliminate odors, reduce pollution, eliminate microorganisms, and create an airy space for workers and employees. It can be used to control temperature and humidity.
  • Air conditioners are used to reduce temperature, cool the air and control humidity to a standard level. All the air is passed through a heat exchanger, cooled, and then circulated and distributed to the required areas.
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The HVAC system's function

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Control microorganisms, airborne particles and micro dust

In general, the industrial environment requires that the air in the room is always clean, the content of microorganisms, particles in the air, microscopic dust… must be controlled at an acceptable level. Some manufacturing industries have more stringent requirements for air cleanliness such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, electronic components, etc. A good HVAC system will help control and maintain air cleanliness at a stable level, ensure that the environment meets the standards for production activities.

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Maintain the right temperature

Temperature plays an important role not only in the production and preservation of finished products, but also affects the health and spirit of workers. Uncontrolled temperatures can lead to bacterial contamination and/or product damage, and adversely affect the health of workers in the factory.

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Control humidity level

Humidity is also a factor affecting product quality and productivity of some devices, for example, too much humidity can cause mold to pharmaceutical or food products ; or a loss of electrical conductivity to electronic products.

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Pressure regulator

In the pharmaceutical/food manufacturing industry, there are areas and surfaces that must be kept clean at all times. These areas, which must be kept at positive pressure at all times, help prevent unfiltered air and airborne microscopic particles from entering the room, affecting the production and storage of the finished product.