Main stages in the factory construction process

Building industrial factories is always a complicated problem for investors. From design to setting up construction methods and schedule, …, each stage in the factory construction process has important notices that investors should learn before implementing their projects.

Factory design stage: take all aspects into consideration 

optimizing factory design

In addition to meeting the requirements of specific technical standards of the manufacturing industry, construction standards, etc., the optimal element of the design plan is also an important factor determining the construction cost and future operating costs of factories.

Reasonable and scientific function plan

Industrial factories often include many areas with different functions. The optimal ground layout plan is a coherent arrangement according to the production line, which is reasonable in terms of function, economical and suitable to the demand.

tối ưu diện tích xây dựng

This is not an easy problem, both to ensure optimal construction area and to ensure a convenient working environment at the factory. The production area with a lot of dust and noise… needs to be divided into a separate zone. Offices, Rest house areas should be arranged in quiet locations…

Cost – effective

Natural ventilation and lighting bring economic efficiency to the investor, but it is also a headache when designing the factory. The contractor must carefully calculate, both having solutions to “make the most of” natural ventilation and light, and to create a comfortable environment for workers in “industrial” works.

Phương án thiết kế vừa tiết kiệm vừa khoa học

The layout plan for machinery, production lines, and the factory’s electrical system also needs to be carefully calculated, both economical and scientific, easy to operate and easy to repair.

The design plan also needs to consider the construction process: optimizing the construction area, convenient in construction and limiting modification, limiting costs incurred.

The aesthetics and the complexity of the design

The aesthetics and complexity of the design is a factor that should be kept in mind when agreeing on a design plan.
The more complicated the plan, the more detailed it is, the more difficult it is to execute, the higher the labor and management costs, pushing the construction cost higher than conventional projects.

Nhà xưởng 2 tầng là một phương án tối ưu diện tích và công năng sản xuất, nhưng có kết cấu phức tạp và chi phí thi công cao hơn nhà xưởng 1 tầng
A 2-storey factory is an optimal solution for production area, but has a complex structure and higher construction costs than a 1-storey factory.

Construction preparation stage: The more detailed, the more economical

Lập biện pháp thi công, tiến độ thi công

The construction progress of the factory usually takes place very quickly, so each incident affects the overall schedule as well as the investment cost of the project. Therefore, the process of preparation, construction methods and construction schedule must be done carefully, as detailed as possible.

Construction methods and schedule must be managed on large items and logically arranged, in the sequence of works from pressing piles to foundation, body works, to finishing works such as plastering, paving,… Making details to each item, each task will help the investor easily manage, avoid confusion and incur unnecessary costs during construction.

Construction methods and schedule are closely related, decisively affecting the construction cost, so it should be carefully prepared and matched with data. Projects that require urgent progress will require more complex and costly construction methods.

Thi công bể PCCC sử dụng biện pháp ép cừ
Construction of fire protection tank using Larsen sheet-pile method at DELCO construction site progressed in 5 days. The contractor can use the method of excavating the soil widely, without using piles, the construction progress will be longer but more cost-effective.

Construction and construction supervision

Tìm kiếm nhà thầu xây dựng uy tín

Not many investors have the professional ability to understand the design and be able to manage and supervise the construction work. Especially when the design and construction phase is handled by two different companies, construction supervision becomes even more difficult for investors. Although there are drawings, the construction contractor is not sure to fully meet the design plan. To control quality, many investors choose an independent monitoring consultant, which costs more and more project management resources.

Tổng thầu thiết kế - thi công uy tín

With Design – Build general contractor, the general contractor is both a unit that understands each design detail and a unit that conducts construction, so the construction will be synchronized and easy to manage, limit risks, save costs for investors.

Design – Build general contractor is responsible for the whole factory construction process, ensuring the project handover with the right quality and schedule as committed. Therefore, when choosing a contractor, the investor should refer to the works that the general contractor has performed, while have a specific evaluation process to choose the most reputable and suitable contractor for the project.

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