What does plumbing and sanitary
system include?

Plumbing and sanitary system (referred to as P&S system for short) includes many items related to the factory’s water pipes such as water supply system, wastewater treatment system, drainage system, sanitary facilities…

plumbing and sanitary system

Water supply system

This is the water supply system for domestic, production and fire fighting activities. It includes the water source (groundwater, surface water or reused water), plumbing, water treatment system.

  • Water supply system for production: supplying water to the factory workshops according to the requirements of the production process.
  • Water supply system for daily life: mainly for eating and cleaning activities in daily life of workers.
  • Water supply system for fire prevention and fighting: mainly using underground water to supply the fire protection system of the factory.

A standard water supply system must determine the source of water supply in accordance with the national regulations, the water pressure is large enough to enter the pipes to the water supply stations and ensure economical use. With different water supply sources, different uses will have corresponding treatment and drainage systems.

工場給排水・衛生設備 システム(P&S)

Waste water treatment system

Water after use, before being discharged into the environment, needs to be treated through a wastewater treatment system. In general, the wastewater treatment system will include the following treatment technologies:

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  • Mechanical treatment: sedimentation and filtration technology helps to separate and remove dirt, large scale residues, grease components, etc. from wastewater.
  • Chemical treatment: pH adjustment technology, clears and decolorizes water, helps to remove metal components, organic substances or suspended solids by chemicals.
  • Biological treatment: helps to decompose organic pollutants by anaerobic, aerobic biological methods or using anaerobic microorganisms…
plumbing and sanitary system 2

Water disinfection

Disinfect water before discharging into the environment to remove microorganisms and bacteria in order to limit fungal and infectious diseases affecting human health and other organisms.

Disinfection in factories often uses strong oxidizing agents such as chlorine, KMNO4 to disinfect wastewater.

In addition, the equipment for the treatment system has many tanks including conditioning tanks, settling tanks, filter tanks, etc. These tanks can be placed underground, with closed lids or exposed with large and small sizes. depending on the amount of wastewater to be treated of the factory.

Wastewater treatment process will usually take place according to processes from neutralization to disinfection and then released into the environment by a drainage system.

The industrial wastewater treatment system in factories designed and built by DELCO has received many compliments from customers thanks to its suitable solutions, easy to upgrade technology when necessary. Water after treatment meets standards, can be used to reuse for the purposes of sanitation, watering plants… to save resources.

Drainage system

Rainwater or water after treatment can be discharged into the environment directly or through treatment through the drainage system. Typically, the drainage system consists of the following sub-systems:

Rainwater drainage system

Rainwater is a natural source of water that does not need to be treated, so it can be discharged directly into the environment through pipes and drains.

Domestic wastewater drainage system

Domestic wastewater after treatment is often used to irrigate trees in the area around the factory or reused for toilet areas.

Industrial wastewater drainage system

Industrial wastewater is water after being used in the production process, cleaning machinery in the factory. This water source may be contaminated with metals or contain compounds that are difficult to decompose in the natural environment. With an unpolluted industrial wastewater source, it can be discharged directly to the outside. Polluted water must go through a wastewater treatment system to be discharged into the outside environment.

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Sanitary facilities

In the P&S system, sanitary wares are the entry to the drainage system, used to meet sanitary requirements in domestic or production, wastewater collection and disposal. It may include storage tanks or containers with drains in the system.