Recruitment Announcement: DELCO searching for Chief Construction Engineer - Delco Construction

Recruitment Announcement: DELCO searching for Chief Construction Engineer

– Amount: 02
– Department: Construction Site

Job description

  • In charge of the main construction items of the project such as construction, infrastructure
  • Assigning tasks to a team of field engineers under their management.
  • Receiving approved construction drawings, read and master the drawings. Detect errors and omissions from existing data and report them to direct management.
  • Analyzing and evaluating requirements. From there, provide reasonable construction solutions, ensuring progress and technical requirements.
  • Organizing drawing of construction methods and construction cost estimates when required.
  • Organizing the planning of materials, labor, and machinery for the job to ensure the construction progress.
  • Monitoring, checking quality, progress, and safety.
  • Supervising subcontractors of construction according to the contract and design.
  • Checking and taking over construction works of subcontractors and construction teams.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors of the company.

Job Requirements

1. Gender: Male
2. Education Standard:
Graduated from University or College majoring in Construction, Traffic, and Majoring in electricity, and automation.
3. Work experience
3-5 years of experience in design or building.
Candidates having experience in the construction industry are prioritized.
4. Expertise and skills
Possess strong analytical, communication, negotiation, persuasion, and teamwork skills.
Willing to work overtime and travel according to the needs of the job and the site.
Able to work independently, withstand high pressure at work, have ambition, honesty, and work ethics.


  • Income: 13-17,000,000 VND/month, negotiable according to cability. (Probation period: 1 month)
  • Working in a professional and dynamic environment.
  • Paid social insurance and health insurance premiums according to state regulations;
  • Entitled with the company’s welfare regime: 1-year vacation trip, birthday…
  • Bonus at least 13th-month salary and bonuses according to work performance.
  • Leave and holidays as regulated in law.

How to apply

Candidates send CV to apply via email:, email subject: Application – Position – Full name of the candidate.
Contact us via our Fanpage at or email: for further information


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