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We consult and apply the “Smart Factory” solutions logically in construction implementation following requirements of investors as well as details of projects. By the experience of working with FDI investors since 2007, DELCO understand clearly the actual factory operations: the strengths and weaknesses of the production process, worker management, problems during equipments maintenance,… thereby giving the most optimal technology scenario for Factory Connection – Smart Factory system.

What is smart factory?

Smart factory in industry 4.0 is an entire factory connection solution through the IoT technology, automation and AI system to visualize the entire workshop operations, collect and analysis information, so that help to optimize processes and operational costs, reduce human error and reduce the risk of equipment failure.

Smart Factory applications example in Vietnam

With practical experiences from designing – constructing – planning & installing MEP system, DELCO can consult and set up the Factory Connection system with the best optimal cost and the best appropriate technology scenario, thereby saving setup costs as well as operation & management cost for the investor.

Our most typical smart factory projects: Power Plus Technology Factory (Bac Ninh), GS Vietnam factory (Binh Duong)…

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Power Plus Technology Factory

Scope of work: General Contractor

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