Attendance with Face ID technology at Power Plus Technology Vietnam Factory - Delco Construction

Attendance with Face ID technology at Power Plus Technology Vietnam Factory

DELCO is one of the first construction contractors to apply Face ID technology in timekeeping and security, helping to save management costs and increase the accuracy of labor management for the Owner. Especially, at a time when Covid-19 was a global threat, the Face ID system helped reduce the risk of close contact between factory workers (compared to older systems such as fingerprint timekeeping), increase safety when operating the factory.

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Face ID technology allows identifying and verifying the identity of employees accurately and quickly through monitoring devices without any control procedures. This technology saves up to 90% of time compared to traditional fingerprint timekeeping (the average timekeeping time is from 30 seconds / person, low  accuracy, risk of close contact easily transmitting infectious diseases among workers). As a result, workers check in – out faster, save time, increase work efficiency as well as reduce management costs, operating costs for the Owner.

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The Face ID technology deployed by DELCO has 3 distinct advantages: speed detection within 1 second, a large data processing algorithm with millions of faces, linking with security gate system allows workers to enter and exit automatically by face detection camera. This technology is a part of the smart factory system – Smart Factory Connection deployed by DELCO helps to design and build smart factories, connect and visualize the whole factory operation, thereby optimizing management, saving operating costs, reducing human error and reducing the risk of equipment failure.

With more than 10 years of experience working with FDI investors, DELCO can consult and set up a Smart Factory Connection system with optimal cost and the most suitable technology scenario for the Investor. Refer to similar industrial construction projects that DELCO has completed:

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