DELCO continues to cooperate with Channel Well Technology Corporation in 2 projects at Quang Minh Industrial Park and Que Vo Industrial Park III

After many successful co-operations before, Channel Well Technology Group (CWT) officially continues to select DELCO as the Design-Build contractor for 2 factory expansion project: a 3-story workshop construction in Quang Minh Industrial Park (Hanoi) and a 2-story workshop construction in Que Vo III Industrial Park (Bac Ninh).

3-story workshop project in Quang Minh Industrial Park

Phối cảnh nhà xưởng 3 tầng tại KCN Quang Minh

Channel Well Technology factory in Quang Minh Industrial Park is the first factory of Channel Well Technology group in Vietnam, of which DELCO is the Design-Build contractor for construction and MEP works. The factory was completed, handed over, and put into use in March 2016, manufacturing main products are power cables, connectors, heat sinks…In order to expand the production scale of the factory, in April 2023, the investor CWT continued to choose DELCO as the design – build contractor for the factory expansion, 3-story workshop construction project, located in the factory premises that DELCO had built before.

mở rộng nhà xưởng Channel Well Technology PPT

mở rộng nhà xưởng Channel Well Technology PPT

Due to the narrow construction site, limited construction space, DELCO had to consider a lot about construction methods, how to organize the construction site, calculate and mobilize materials, etc. The movement of materials. machines up the floors also face difficulties. Many construction items must combine the use of manual methods, both to ensure the quality and progress of the work, while not disrupting the production activities of the factory.

Thi công nhà máy 3 tầng Channel Well Technology tại KCN

It is expected that the 3-story Channel Well Technology workshop in Quang Minh Industrial Park will be completed and put into production from August 2023.

Power Plus Technology smart factory expansion project in Bac Ninh

Power Plus Technology smart factory belongs to CWT Corporation, with a total area of nearly 5ha, since DELCO is the design – build contractor and provides smart factory solutions, completed in 2020. After 3 years of stable operation, the investor CWT decided to build an additional 2-story workshop and chose DELCO to be the design – build contractor.

As the construction site is close to the working workshop, the construction space is tight and large pile presses cannot be used, DELCO has calculated and designed the workshop using console beams to support columns, ensuring the structure of the entire 2-story workshop. The construction process of console beams requires the construction contractor to have experience and technical expertise to ensure the construction is exactly as the proper design. DELCO consults and designs workshops using reinforced concrete roof trusses to support the entire workshop roof system to shorten the time for firefighting and prevention acceptance test, speeding up the progress of going into production.

The workshop is expected to complete construction in September 2023.

About CWT Corporation

Channel Well Technology (CWT) is a global corporation, with main expertise in manufacturing and assembling computer power supplies, power adapters, and power banks. CWT is a longtime OEM partner of many big brands such as: DELL, Corsair…

Tập đoàn toàn cầu Channel Well Technology (CWT)

Established in 1993, up to now, the group has 7 large factories in the US, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. CWT’s power supply products are widely used in computers, communication, consumer electronics, cloud computing, electric vehicles… Besides the main product, CWT also expands its business scope to wireless charging and electric vehicle charging products to keep pace with market trends and stay competitive.

Power Plus Technology smart factory in Que Vo III Industrial Park, Bac Ninh

Channel Well Technology factory in Quang Minh Industrial Park, Hanoi