DELCO continues to cooperate with VSUN in a key project of Phu Tho province

Project information

Sunergy Vietnam Co., Ltd. (VSUN), established in 2015 with 100% investment capital from Japan, is a brand specializing in manufacturing and trading solar panels, efficient solar modules… The VSUN solar battery is one of the most commonly used types of solar battery today.

The Toyo Solar Factory project, which belongs to VSUN, was built on an area of more than 13 hectares at Cam Khe Industrial Park, with a total investment of 200 million USD. This is one of the key projects in Phu Tho province.

After the success of the factory interior project of Vietnam Sunergy (Bac Ninh) factory, DELCO continues to be trusted and chosen by the investor as the general contractor for design and construction of items: finish works, central air-conditioning system, interior works of the Toyo Solar factory in Phu Tho. In addition, DELCO also provides equipment for the factory’s office with a floor area of 8,000 square meters.

DELCO started this project in early July 2023, which was on schedule and completed in only four months.

Project items

Office area

DELCO designed an office with a professional space and lots of green area creating a modern working environment that inspires creativity and intelligence.

Functional areas in the office are organized reasonably and scientifically, which creates the most convenience and comfort for employees and increases work productivity.

The office building has many open spaces, atriums, and large hallways. DELCO designed and installed a VRF central air-conditioning system to help optimize cooling and ventilation, and ensure fresh air and good working conditions. In addition, the central air-conditioning system helps make the office space more airy because of the air ducts, air vents in the ceiling and rooftop condenser, which is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

In addition, entertainment, relaxation, and reading areas are also carefully designed to reduce stress and busyness in the office.

Factory canteen

The canteen is carefully calculated with the number of employees and workers working at the workshops depending on each different shift to have the best serviceability. The kitchen, food distribution and dining areas in the canteen are also arranged reasonably to ensure food hygiene and safety, spacious and airy space.

Resting room for professionals

DELCO designed and provided furniture for nearly 40 resting rooms for specialists in the factory. Each room is fully equipped with a bed, wardrobe, TV, and refrigerator … decorated simply and conveniently.

In November 2023, DELCO completed and handed over this project. Despite the urgent construction in just 4 months, and many difficulties in site acceptance, protection measures for completed items, etc., DELCO has completed this project, met well-qualified requirements as well, and received positive feedback from investors.

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