Delco Farm high-tech poultry farm expansion project

DELCO invested in poultry farm Chicken House No. 3 with a modern production line system with a scale of 40,000 chickens, increasing the egg production capacity at DELCO Farm by 2 times.

High-tech poultry farm expansion project

In early 2023, DELCO invested in poultry farm Chicken House No. 3 with a modern production line system, with a scale of 40,000 chickens at the high-tech DELCO Farm.

Understanding the characteristics of a large-scale poultry project, a captive environment in a closed cage, DELCO’s engineers are constantly researching and optimizing construction solutions to save costs and ensure sustainability and safety for farm animals as well as workers. The entire infrastructure and technological lines are researched by DELCO’s engineering team, and together with partners for construction and installation, with optimal operating costs and production rates.

Durable material solution

The structural frame system plays an important role, ensuring the certainty and stable operation of the livestock farm. DELCO carefully calculates the bearing structure of the steel structure house, ensuring the load for technical systems such as ventilation fans, cooling panels, ceiling hanging loads, projected solar battery roof loads, live loads of maintenance, wind load…

DELCO uses a steel structure frame and corrugated iron material with high durability, anti-corrosion, low rust, suitable for the breeding environment, helping to prolong the life of the poultry farm up to 15 years instead of 10 years as common solutions, maximizing the economic value of the chicken house as well as optimizing investment costs.

Effective heat insulation to increase production efficiency

For covering structure, DELCO uses a 2-layer corrugated iron roof and corrugated iron, for heat-resistant and insulation, we use glass wool, ensuring certainty and optimizing investment costs. At the same time, this is also a material with high aesthetics and durability, supporting good sound insulation, heat insulation, helping to stabilize the breeding environment, maintain health and limit stress for the chickens.

DELCO combines the use of insulation materials with technical solutions such as negative pressure cooling ventilation system, cooling pad ventilation fan, … to help reduce the temperature of the breeding area from 5-7 degrees Celsius compared with the outdoor temperature, thereby saving energy costs up to $300/month.

In addition, the combination of ventilation design with materials, solid and stable cover structure, ensure isolation from the outside environment, help create a better microclimate inside the breeder cage system, improve resistance, enhance health for chickens, help egg laying rate increase by 2%.

The project Chicken House No. 3 at DELCO Farm has finished construction and is in equipment and production line installation stage

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About DELCO Farm

Since 2017, DELCO has invested in a high-tech agricultural DELCO Farm  (Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh) with an area of 6 hectares. We actively design – build the farm’s infrastructure and coordinate with partner units to research and optimize technological solutions for livestock and farming, suitable to the climate and environment in Vietnam. 

The whole process of farming and breeding is carried out in a closed model in production areas, limiting the impact of diseases and weather. Up to now, DELCO has a system of 5 greenhouses with 7,000m2 for cultivation, 3 production lines for chicken eggs with a total scale of 90,000 chickens, the average egg laying rate is 83-95%.