DELCO cooperated with DAINESE to design-build M&E systems and smart factory

The factory project in Yen Binh Industrial Park, Thai Nguyen that produces motorcycle protective gear and extreme sports is a large European FDI project in Vietnam, requiring high standards of finishing quality. The Owner demand high standards of finishing quality and complex requirements for electromechanical systems, in an urgent construction time. Immediately after signing the contract, the entire project team of DELCO rushed to start the implementation. However, we still faced many difficulties, because the Investor mainly worked remotely from Italia, and never had invested in Vietnam before, the two sides faced many obstacles in technical exchange. Up to now, the project is entering the important technical stage.

Let’s visit the construction site to update the progress of the Factory project:

Some highlight images:

Tổng thầu cơ điện Việt Nam

Tổng thầu cơ điện Việt Nam

The atmosphere of meetings to update progress and construction quality is extremely tense

Cuộc họp offline xây dựng dự án nhà máy Dainese

Whether it is an offline meeting…

Cuộc họp online xây dựng dự án nhà máy Dainese

or an online meeting, everyone is serious and focused

In fact, the project is still on schedule and with the quality committed to the Investor. However, the Board of Directors still reminds engineers to pay attention to every little detail, with a large volume of M&E items, just one negligence will greatly affect the project progress as well as the stability of the production line.

Thi công các đường ống nén khí, ống Chiller, Boiler. 

Construction of compressed air pipes, Chiller and Boiler pipes.

Thi công tại khu vực nhà 2B dự án nhà máy Dainese

Construction at the area 2B building

Thi công tại khu vực nhà B1 dự án nhà máy Dainese

Construction at the area 2B building

Whether working with a supplier or subcontractors, DELCO engineers maintain a fierce, perfectionist attitude to ensure the best final quality.

Kiểm tra kế hoạch làm việc của thầu phụ

Checking the work plan of subcontractors

Kiểm tra chất lượng mài sàn dự án nhà máy Dainese

Check the quality of floor grinding

Đội ngũ nhân sự của dự án làm việc bất kể ngày đêm để hoàn thành dự án

The project’s staff works day and night…

Cố gắng hoàn thiện dự án nhà máy Dainese trước tết 2020

We are trying our best!

DELCO will continue to update the project progress via the Website,  DELCO Construction Youtube Channel  and  DELCO Construction Fanpage.

Stay tuned for our results!