DELCO cooperates with the investor VSUN Solar in the project in Bac Ninh

This is a project in which there are strict requirements on aesthetics, the very urgent schedule and some items with construction and handover time in only 2 weeks. DELCO was trusted by VSUN Solar to be assigned the role of Design – Build Contractor.

Project information

VSUN Vietnam factory belongs to VSUN Solar, a brand that provides solar battery solutions and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With nearly 15 years of experience in the field of clean energy, VSUN has branches and sales offices in the US, Germany, China and Vietnam, which creates a global distribution network.

Sản phẩm của nhà máy Vsun - pin năng lượng mặt trời

The project of interior office building and canteen of VSUN factory in Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park, Bac Ninh was implemented by the Design-Build contractor DELCO, started from the second half of September 2022. The project was divided into 3 phases with a very urgent construction schedule. It was completed and handed over in only 2 months.

Main items of the project

Complete the Canteen in 2 weeks

The factory canteen is designed with a capacity to serve more than 150 people, divided into a dining table area, a tray collection area, a food preparation room, and a dining room for experts. It is fully functional, creating maximum convenience for users.

Canteen nhà máy VSun Bắc Ninh

Hoàn thiện Canteen nhà máy Vsun Bắc Ninh trong 2 tuần Văn phòng nhà máy VSun Bắc Ninh

The canteen for workers was the first item that DELCO handed over to the investor. This was also the item that required the most urgent progress. The item construction was completed and put into operation after only 15 days of implementation.

Office furniture to optimize green space

The VSUN investor had high and strict requirements for functionality, aesthetics as well as cost optimization of factory office furniture items, especially a short period of less than two months from the date of their request.

DELCO designed and built the office furniture of VSUN factory, taking the idea of ​​​​combining green space with industrial style, in accordance with the product itself and the development orientation that the investor is pursuing.

Văn phòng nhà máy VSun Bắc Ninh

Sảnh nhà máy VSun Bắc Ninh

Phòng họp nhà máy VSun Bắc Ninh

DELCO proposed modern interior options, using industrial wood materials (plywood) to protect the environment. It was combined with large glass walls, creating a spacious space, reasonable in terms of function and elegant highlights for important areas such as the General Director’s room, meeting room and conference room. In addition, DELCO carefully studied the needs of the factory to propose suitable equipment and machinery for the office area.

Although the design and construction time was very limited, the DELCO team completed the project on schedule, well met the quality requirements and received a lot of satisfied feedback from the investor.

The project is completed, handed over and put into use from November 2022.