DELCO is the General Contractor of a 3-storey factory project in Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam - Delco Construction

DELCO is the General Contractor of a 3-storey factory project in Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam

DELCO is the General Contractor of the 3-storey factory of DORCO Investor from Korea. This is a project with many complex requirements, which the investor has entrusted to DELCO, after many successful cooperation times before.

Multi-storey factory – the optimal new trend for businesses

Multi-storey factory is gradually becoming popular because of the advantages it brings to businesses: optimize production space,
optimize investment costs when industrial land prices are increasing, and at the same time meet the production demands of investors.

Just like constructing a 2-storey factory, constructing a multi-storey factory is very complicated:

  • The weight of the 2-storey or 3-storey factory putting on the foundation is very large. Calculation of pile and foundation items must be firm, safe, enough to bear the large load of the factory structure, of the machine chain system, but also must ensure the function and usable area inside the factory.
  • Depending on the number of floors and the height of the factory, the requirements for overhead construction methods, spearing methods, etc. will be more complicated. Construction of multi-storey factories requires construction contractors with professional experience and good construction capacity, ensuring safe and quality construction.

The 3-storey factory construction project in Hoa Mac Industrial Park

Dorco Living Vina factory belongs to Dorco Group with 100% Korean capital, is a typical Korean enterprise in the field of manufacturing household appliances, and is a reputable manufacturer and exporter of razor blades for more than 60 years.

Đầu năm 2022, Chủ đầu tư DORCO mở rộng sản xuất, DELCO tiếp tục được tin tưởng lựa chọn là Tổng thầu xây dựng Dự án nhà máy 3 tầng DORCO Living Vina tại KCN Hòa Mạc, Hà Nam. Nhà máy dự kiến sẽ hoàn thành bàn giao trong tháng 11/2022.

In early 2022, the owner DORCO expanded production, DELCO continued to be trusted and selected as the General Contractor of the 3-storey factory project DORCO Living Vina in Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam. The factory is expected to be completed and handed over in November 2022.

2022년 Ha Nam의 Dorco Living Vina 공장 건설 프로젝트

The 3-storey factory is covered by brick walls with a large floor height, the highest floor is up to 7.7m, the floor load is up to 2.5 tons/m2.

The factory using a checkerboard beam system with a lot of steel density, large floor height makes the scaffolding and formwork system quite complicated, requires DELCO to calculate and set up safe construction methods, ensuring high stability.

In addition, the construction site is quite narrow, adjacent to the phase 1 factory that DELCO has just constructed in 2021. To ensure the schedule, construction efficiency, as well as construction safety, We have proposed the option of using tower cranes, combined with a scientific organization of construction site management, thus not affecting the production activities of the factory.

DELCO’s construction sites are implementing an online project quality control solution (online QC technology): automatically taking pictures of the project, continuously updating data to the cloud with a frequency of 30 minutes/time update. The clear image quality helps to accurately check the work of the technical teams, ensuring that the items are completed on schedule and with the quality committed to the investor.

With this QC technology, the investor can indirectly supervise the construction with the General Contractor DELCO via the internet. All construction works are public, any arising problems are proactively resolved, quickly and with quality assurance.

Here are a few images extracted from online QC technology:

Xây dựng nhà máy Dorco Living Vina 2022

Xây dựng nhà máy Dorco Living Vina 2022

This is the third project DELCO cooperates with the owner DORCO, after two projects: the general contractor for construction and renovation of the DORCO Hung Yen factory, and the general contractor for the construction of the DORCO Living Ha Nam factory in 2021. DELCO hopes, with construction quality, perfectionist efforts and enthusiastic spirit of supporting investors, DELCO will continue to have the opportunity to work with DORCO in many upcoming projects.


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