Two-storey factories – the “easy but difficult” trend of industrial construction

Trend of 2-storey factories

2-storey factory is a new trend, which is interested by investors in recent years. The land fund is limited, while the trend of FDI in Vietnam continues to heat up despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the rental price of industrial real estate in Vietnam has continuously increased over the past 10 years. Currently, prices have reached 150-200 USD / m² in some central industrial zones of Vietnam.

Bang tong hop gia thue dat khu cong nghiep cac tinh thanh Viet Nam

For more information: Vietnam’s industrial property rental prices for the period 2020-2021

Therefore, building a 2-storey factory helps to optimize the land area, thereby saving a lot of site costs for the investor. Moreover, by reducing the cost per square meter of construction floor area, with the same investment rate, the Investor can choose to build a 2-storey workshop in the central areas with better infrastructure and traffic, help increase business opportunities and reduce plant operating costs.

Nha xuong 2 tang - tiet kiem chi phi

DELCO’s design of 2-storey factory 

Designing and building a 2-storey factory… a difficult challenge

Although there are many advantages, but designing and building a 2-storey factory is not a simple challenge for any general construction contractor.


2-storey factory requires a floor structure capable of bearing large loads to ensure safety for production, as well as allowing the arrangement of machinery, equipment… on the 2nd floor. Power Plus Technology, with 3 multi-storey factories, DELCO used prestressed structure to help ensure safety and increase bearing capacity, as well as to ensure the operation of machinery line.

nha xuong 2 tang delco lam tong thau xay dung

The 2-storey factory of GS Vietnam Factory, designed and built by DELCO as the general contractor

2-storey employee canteen designed and built by DELCO 

Optimize factory area

DELCO’s engineers calculate carefully during the design period of the 2-storey factory, so that the entire elevator, staircase… is arranged in the most appropriate, convenient during operation but still saved factory area.

Natural light and landscape design

Compared with a 1-storey workshop, a 2-storey factory has less space to access natural light, and noise-canceling issues also need to be carefully calculated. DELCO pays great attention to the space, landscape and lighting for the factory’s staff to be most comfortable when working. In particular, DELCO always tries to bring green spaces into the factory landscape, helping to improve the health of the employees.

nha may 2 tang delco xay dung

Overview of Power Plus Technology project designed and built by DELCO, with 2-storey workshops optimized for landscape and natural light.