DELCO is the Design-Build Contractor for Phase 2 of the DAINESE Vietnam Factory project.

DELCO continues to be entrusted by DAINESE as the Design-Build Contractor for M&E system, as well as the industrial interior, for Phase 2 of the project.

DAINESE Factory Project at Thai Nguyen

The DAINESE Vietnam Factory, a leading brand in the field of manufacturing motorcycle protective gear in Europe, with its headquarters located in Yen Binh Industrial Park, Thai Nguyen.

In 2021, the investor implements phase 1 of the project, DELCO is honored to be the design –  build Contractor of the M&E system. Delco is also consulting, designing and constructing smart systems (boiler control system, chiller cooling tower, dust collector system and paint odor treatment, compressed air system…) of the factory.

DELCO là Tổng thầu Thiết kế - Thi công giai đoạn 2 của dự án Nhà máy đồ thể thao châu Âu Nhà máy sản xuất đồ bảo hộ Châu Âu nằm tại KCN Yên Bình, Thái Nguyên. Chủ đầu tư của dự án là một thương hiệu lớn đến từ Italia chuyên sản xuất đồ bảo hộ xe máy và đồ thể thao mạo hiểm. 
Hoàn thiện dây chuyền, lắp máy, triển khai hệ thống phụ trợ, kết nối thông minh và thiết kế - thi công nội thất DELCO là Tổng thầu Thiết kế - Thi công giai đoạn 2 của dự án Nhà máy đồ thể thao châu Âu

Phase 2: Complete the production line, install the machine, deploy the auxiliary system, connect smart system and design – build the interior

After finishing Phase 1, DELCO continues to be entrusted by Dainese as the Design-Build Contractor for the M&E system, as well as the industrial interior for the factory.

Connecting M&E infrastructure

Kết nối hạ tầng cơ điện

Kết nối hạ tầng cơ điện

nha may DAINESE 6

The M&E items of the project are quite complex, including many machinery systems and lines operating at large capacity.In phase 2, DELCO General Contractor continues to connect M&E infrastructure, supporting the factory’s production process. 

In addition, DELCO is directly involved in the process of testing the production line, smart operation. And along with the investor, monitor the operating parameters of the factory and analyze the efficiency of the system to come up with the next appropriate and optimal solution.

Participate in the process of installing the machine, completing the production line

In addition to machinery and main lines that have been accepted and put into use since phase 1, production auxiliary areas have also been added and completed such as: positive pressure room to prevent dust, decal room, polishing room …

Tham gia quá trình lắp máy, hoàn thiện dây chuyền sản xuất

Auxiliary system deployment

In this factory project, one of the production peculiarities is the use of a paint line of helmets for large displacement vehicles and extreme sports, generating a lot of paint dust and industrial wastewater after the paint cleaning process. DELCO has spent a lot of time with the investor researching, consulting and deploying new technologies, practical solutions for wastewater, dust, and sludge treatment… to ensure effective treatment of high pollutants, and make sure that the quality of treated wastewater meets the provisions of the Law on Environment.

Interior design-build

Thiết kế - thi công nội thất nhà máy DAINESE

The industrial kitchen area and factory canteen are designed and constructed by DELCO General Contractor, meeting the capacity of 240 workers..

Additionally, interior design and construction for the factory office, R&D department – where research and technology development activities are carried out in the factory’s production process, is also carried out.

Phase 2 of the project is expected to have many items related to smart factories, production auxiliary systems … DELCO will continue to update the project progress through DELCO Construction’s Website, Youtube Channel and Fanpage. .  


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