Delco’s representative advise 200 bankers about customer management in the construction industry

In the context that domestic and foreign investors are actively investing in Vietnam, construction contractors have also returned to the pace of work after the pandemic. The demand for capital of construction companies has also increased, and the credit market of banks has become more active.

On March 19, 2022, Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank) organized a talk session revolving around the specific theme of enterprises as construction contractors, supplying and installing materials and equipment for construction projects. Mr. Le Khanh Manh – General Director of DELCO Construction, participated in the seminar as a speaker, representing construction enterprises.

Delco chia sẻ thông tin cùng cán bộ ngân hàng

Contents of the webinar:

  1. Special characteristics of construction enterprises
  2. How do credit officers manage construction investment projects?
  3. Q&A

Banking credit profession is always a tough job, with a lot of risks in terms of liquidity, outstanding debt, bad debt… With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Mr. Manh shared about the specifics of the industry, together with nearly 200 MB Bank’s credit officers removed professional difficulties, in order to understand and properly evaluate clients in the construction business sector, to better support for businesses, as well as reduce financial risks for banks.


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