Visiting the Korean commercial printing factory in Vietnam by DELCO as the General Construction Contractor

Let’s visit the project and refer some proposals for factory design, construction and installation solutions of DELCO general contractor for the Korean factory construction project in Vietnam, belong to the field of commercial printing:

Some beautiful pictures of the factory:

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The factory is located on a land area of more than 1.5ha, including a monolithic factory with office area and dormitory for foreign experts

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The area of brick wall surrounding the factory is quite large and high, requiring the general contractor to have quite complicated construction methods. Solutions for wall painting, waterproofing … help meet the strictest requirements on aesthetics, schedule and safety in construction.

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The factory’s electromechanical system has been calculated for easy expansion in later stages. Design and construction solutions are also proposed to ensure the safest and most efficient operation of the system.

DSCF0114 scaled

Infrastructure and geological characteristics at the project area have the phenomenon of sand flowing, it is easy to subside, DELCO used a special construction method when constructing the 700m3 underground water tank of the factory.

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As a large Korean factory construction project in Vietnam, all items from construction to M&E are meticulously constructed, paying attention to every detail, meeting the strictest requirements of investors.

In order to construct reliable platform for client’s business, DELCO always strives to bring peace of mind to clients, has been a reliable partner and reputable general contractor for many Japanese, Korean, European factory construction projects in Vietnam.


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