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What factors does the quotation for design and construction of the factory’s M&E depend on?

The factory’s M&E system is highly complex and specific, depending on the manufacturing industry and the used M&E solution. The requirements of the electrical system, HVAC, fire protection, wastewater treatment, etc. of each factory will directly affect the quotation for design and construction of the factory’s M&E. 

Requirements for the main power supply system

Depending on the manufacturing sector, each factory requires a different production line system. Food production lines usually include preliminary processing machines, slicers, packaging machines, date printers, etc. The manufacturing industry which has a toxic and heavy working environment, large output and uniform quality often involves automatic lines, robotic arms, etc.

The larger the machine system, the higher the power consumption parameter. Therefore, this will require the use of large capacity aptomat, large size power cables, ancillary systems such as complicated air compressors, generators, technical pipelines, etc.

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In addition, depending on the demand for electricity, the requirements of the system’s safety and among others, the investor may have different requirements for the conductive system using busway bars or traditional cables. Busway rods have a higher conductivity than normal conductors, up to 6300A, even 7500A with copper conductors. The heat dissipation and durability of the busway make it safer than the traditional power cable option. Material costs and busway construction costs are more expensive than traditional cable construction due to complex technical factors and the requirement of skilled workers, but its construction time is faster and more compact than that of electric cables.

Requirements for extra low voltage system (ELV)

The ELV system includes a telephone exchange system, LAN and internet networks, cameras, etc. The ELV system in enterprises is usually large in scale, needs to be installed methodically and arranged reasonably for each area, ensuring the convenience of use, repair and maintenance.

Reputable and experienced M&E contractors will have a plan to design the ELV system suitable for each factory in harmony with other technical infrastructures and have a reasonable construction solution, ensuring the needs of use as well as the aesthetics of the space.

Requirements for security supervision

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DELCO constructed a security monitoring system with nearly 200 surveillance cameras at the project of an electronic component factory in Que Vo III Industrial Park, Bac Ninh.

Currently, security monitoring systems are increasingly modern, meeting the needs of users. The factory can have many layers of protection including factory security monitoring gate, alarm system, CCTV camera, time attendance system for workers, etc.

The higher the requirements for the factory monitoring system, the more new technologies are used such as AI, face ID, face recognition, aerial surveillance drone application, etc., the higher the design and construction quotation.

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Time attendance system using Face ID technology at Power Plus Technology smart factory with DELCO being the General Contractor of Design – Build

Requirements for factory lighting

The design and construction of the lighting system need to ensure light standards for production, in which the brightness is uniform, distributed throughout the factory, ensuring safety for workers without causing glare for eyes and bringing high working efficiency.

Each manufacturing industry or each factory has different requirements for lighting systems. For example, the mechanical industry has high requirements for illuminance and the average color rendering index from 50 to 80 Ra; the manufacturing industry of electronic equipment or electronic circuits requires high illuminance and color rendering index from 80-100 Ra…

Requirements for air conditioning

Each manufacturing industry has different requirements for temperature and ventilation. These requirements directly affect the quotation for industrial M&E design and construction.

Microchip, food or pharmaceutical factories have strict requirements for environmental control of temperature, humidity and clean room. For these manufacturing factories, natural ventilation will not be used; instead, the contractor must have an optimal temperature and insect control solution. For factories that generate a lot of smoke and dust and have machines that emit high levels of heat and noise such as textile, packaging production, mechanical or automotive factories, ventilation and cooling solutions for factories are very important. Depending on the factory area, the covering structure, the tightness of the factory, manufactured items and among others, the M&E contractor will make a plan suitable for each factory.

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The electrical room of the commercial printing factory in Hoa Mac Industrial Park (Ha Nam) is home to many heat-generating equipment. DELCO General Contractor designed and built a large capacity air conditioning system in the room.

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Requirements for fire protection system

The fire preventing system in the factory consists of 3 main parts:

  • The automatic fire alarm system center consisting of a processing board, a power supply and a battery
  • The input device system consisting of detectors (smoke alarm, heat alarm, gas alarm, fire alarm, etc.), emergency switch (emergency button)
  • The output device system consisting of alarm bells, sirens, alarm lights, exit lights, automatic phone dialers

The fire fighting system of the factory usually includes:

  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Automatic fire sprinkler head 
  • Water column and sprinkler system 
  • Pressure pump system

Manufacturing factories and warehouses storing goods with high risk of fire and explosion such as paper mills, wood factories, etc. have many requirements in the design and construction of rescue and fire protection systems. Any special requirement for the design of the fire protection approval, fireproof materials, fire protection equipment and among others can directly affect the M&E design and construction cost of the factory.

In addition, the investor’s requirements for the origin and the brand of fire protection equipment such as sprinklers, pressure pumps, types of powder or gas fire extinguishers, etc. also affect the quotation for the design and construction of the factory fire protection system.

Requirements for the environmental treatment system

The initial quality of wastewater and emissions will determine the cost of designing and constructing the system. Factories in the fields of printing, paper production, textile dyeing, heavy industry, metal production, etc. will need to use a lot of chemicals and many modern technologies to process. In addition, the origin and the type of waste water/exhaust gas treatment equipment, the type of required chemicals, etc. also significantly affect the investment costs for the system.

The discharge volume and the mode of discharge also partly affects quotation for the system. If the factory has the continuous discharge mode and the low discharge volume, the investment capital for the system will be much lower than that of a treatment system with an unstable discharge mode and a high discharge volume. With the same discharge volume, if the discharge mode is set for a short period of only 8-12 hours instead of 24 hours for system operation, the wastewater/exhaust gas treatment volume per hour will increase, followed by higher equipment costs.

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2800m³/day centralized industrial wastewater treatment and 3500m³/day centralized domestic water treatment system implemented by DELCO contractor at Noi Bai Industrial Park project.

M&E is the key and decisive factor in the production and operation of each factory. The M&E system is highly complex and specific; therefore, the investor should carefully consider and choose a reputable and quality M&E contractor in order to ensure the safety and efficient operation of all systems of the factory including the main power supply system, the extra low voltage system (ELV), ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, wastewater treatment system, etc.

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