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Smart manufacturing and basic application directions

Smart manufacturing is a model that many factories aim for. But the way to deploy is not simple. Determining the correct direction to apply is already part of the way. What is smart manufacturing? Smart Manufacturing is to apply advanced technology to every aspect of the production cycle to improve productivity, save time as well […]

What is a smart factory? Features and benefits

Smart factory is a terminology to refer to the improvement and optimization of the operation process of machinery and equipment through automation. What is a Smart Factory? Smart Factory is a production system where machinery equipment and production lines are connected flexibly, continuously process data, reduce downtime, optimize production and business processes. Smart Factory structure […]

IoT, AI and Automation: 3 confusing concepts of Smart Factory

IoT – Internet of things The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a technology that allows billions of physical devices around the world to connect to the internet, to collect and share data. The IoT adds “digital intelligence” to devices, allowing them to communicate without human participation and consolidating the physical and technical data worlds. […]

Attendance with Face ID technology at Power Plus Technology Vietnam Factory

DELCO is one of the first construction contractors to apply Face ID technology in timekeeping and security, helping to save management costs and increase the accuracy of labor management for the Owner. Especially, at a time when Covid-19 was a global threat, the Face ID system helped reduce the risk of close contact between factory […]