DELCO Farm project complete phase 2, ready to put into use

With the contaminated environment and unsafe food, the fight against dirty food becomes more urgent and drastic than ever. Together with the society, DELCO is building and developing a new field: high-tech agricultural farm.

Our farm produces eggs, vegetables and melons, committed to providing safety, nutritious food and always try to improve and provide the quality of products and services better more and more for customer as well as many families in Vietnam.

DELCO FARM has built a synchronous infrastructure system, you do not have to worry about power out because we have equipped two generators with safe, you also can connect to the internet anywhere in the farm for Wifi has coverage everywhere …

Chicken House, vegetable and Melon Green House were built with modern equipment with setting sensor system to create and control the best environment for the growth of chickens and other plants. They need a little more moisture, or add light, the fog or sunroof will automatically adjust to meet that. Our chickens also listen to music, eat and drink water, take medicine automatically which help them relax to bring the best eggs, with the highest productivity.

We will do our best to make the system more accessible to farmers, contributing to the creation of more safety products for every family in Vietnam.

We would like to show some pictures of DELCO FARM

anh delco farm 5

anh delco farm 3

anh delco farm 1

anh delco farm 2