DELCO was selected as the Design – Build contractor of the factory in Hai Duong

In early August, DELCO officially started the factory construction project in Lai Cach Industrial Park, Hai Duong. The investor is a brand that designs and produces high-end gifts and toys from Hong Kong.

DELCO team va chu dau tu Hong Kong

DELCO Team and Hong Kong owner in the meeting to sign the contract of Design-Build Contractor of the factory in Hai Duong

During the bidding process, DELCO mostly discussed with the Hong Kong investor and consultants online and via online meetings. The process of exchanging technical information faced many difficulties; however, DELCO still ensured the information smoothness and transparency throughout the entire bidding process.

Tu van dau tu FDI truc tuyen

The project belongs to the field of plastic and plastic products production, with many machine systems. Hong Kong investor has high requirements for the project implementation process and detailed quality control. DELCO Team advised on reasonable design and layout options for the production area, proposed solutions to control temperature inside the workshops, and carefully checked legal requirements on planning, environmental protection, fire protection, etc., of the factory.

Some perspective images of the project – phase 1:

Anh phoi canh du an 1

Anh phoi canh du an 2

Anh phoi canh du an 3

Immediately after signing the contract, DELCO Team has hastily deployed the first work items.

It is expected that phase 1 of the project will be completed in December 2023.

DELCO will continue to update the project’s latest schedule on our Website, Youtube DELCO Construction and Fanpage DELCO Construction Construction.

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