DELCO completed the handover of HAEM VINA factory No. 3

After the HAEM VINA 2020 project, DELCO continues to be trusted by the owner to become the M.E.P Design – Build General Contractor for the HAEM VINA 2022 project. Less than 2 months after receiving the construction site, DELCO has completed construction process and quality control process to hand over to the investor on time; especially, there are items that are handed over ahead of time.

About the owner – HAEM VINA

HAEM VINA is a branch in Vietnam of HAEM Co., Ltd., an enterprise specializing in manufacturing electrical equipment, wiring equipment, manufacturing and distributing special transformers,… HAEM was established on 4/1/ 1985 and headquartered in Siheung (Korea). HAEM VINA officially came into operation in 2012 in Bac Giang. This is one of Korea’s No. 1 enterprises in processing, manufacturing and supplying phone chargers and battery charger components, and is also a level 1 partner of Samsung Group.

HAEM VINA Factory No.3 project

In order to expand the production scale, in the first quarter of 2022, HAEM VINA decided to rent a factory, expand the production area and choose DELCO as the M.E.P Design – Build General Contractor. The M.E.P system is a core element in the production and operation of the factory, especially for factories in the electronic component manufacturing industry.

Outstanding technical features of the M.E.P system

Owner HAEM VINA has high requirements for the M.E.P system because of the production characteristics of the electronic technology industry and the pressure on product quality to supply to big clients like Samsung. From the requirements of temperature and humidity in the factory to the factory Extra Low Voltage System and dynamic electricity system… all must be calculated and designed carefully and reasonably.

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After receiving the project, DELCO has surveyed, researched and proposed to the investor the construction solutions and methods of the M.E.P system to ensure safe and efficient operation of the factory, as well as ensure output quality of the product. Solutions include:

Technical ceiling system

DELCO has proposed a plan to use the technical ceiling system to support the entire 2nd floor of the factory, including the fire protection pipe system, compressed air pipe system, smoke extraction system … According to calculations, the technical ceiling helps ensure air quality and temperature in the factory and keep the Extra Low Voltage System and dynamic electricity system running stably 24/7; to meet technical requirements in production and preservation of finished products. The technical ceiling system makes it easy to control as well as quickly check and maintain the factory’s M.E.P system, limiting production interruptions when there is a problem, allowing technicians to easily move on the ceiling, check, replace equipments when necessary.

He thong co dien HAEM

Construction of anti-static vinyl flooring

To prevent static electricity in the production process, HAEM factory No. 3 is constructed with vinyl flooring. The carbon circuit on the vinyl floor helps to conduct the charges to the conductive glue layer, the entire charge will be led to the ground by the ground copper wire and neutralize the charge, eliminate polarization or static electricity – a dangerous phenomenon that can cause unsafety for workers and damage microchips in the manufacturing process of electronic components.

He thong co dien HAEM VINA

Installation of panel ceiling

Electronic component factories pay special attention to fire prevention and fighting factors. To ensure safe operation, HAEM VINA factory uses ceiling – wall panel. The structure of the panel ceiling is a foam sheet covered by two layers of color-plated flat corrugated iron; anti-rust, heat-insulating and high-strength. The product has light weight, short construction time and saves investment costs. In addition, the ceiling-wall panel also has the effect of insulation, preventing dust, capable of isolating the fire at the place of fire for up to 60 minutes; thereby preventing the fire from spreading to other areas.

tran vach panel

Fresh air supply system

Regarding the quality of the working environment inside the factory, when workers have to produce continuously and stay for a long time in an air-conditioned closed room, they will encounter respiratory problems such as: lack of oxygen, affecting health and working spirit… To solve this problem, DELCO advised the investor to use a fresh air supply system to help circulate air in the room, exchange air with the outside environment. This system also helps to provide a fresh, clean amount of air from the outside to the inside, ensuring ventilation and convenient breathing.

he thong cap khi tuoi

DELCO hopes that the M.E.P system of HAEM VINA will not only ensure the requirements for production, management and operation but also provide a good working environment for factory workers.

After the HAEM VINA 2022 project, the owner continued to ask DELCO to support in some other projects. DELCO is pleased to cooperate with HAEM VINA and hopes to accompany the investor in the future.



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