DELCO continues to be Design and Build contractor of CURIOUS SEIKI VIETNAM Phase 2 - Delco Construction

DELCO continues to be Design and Build contractor of CURIOUS SEIKI VIETNAM Phase 2

Aer the construction of CURIOUS SEIKI factory phase 1 , DELCO is honored to be selected as D&B contractor to continue the phase 2 of the project.

Construction contract phase 2 was officially signed in February 2019, expanding the factory in Tien Son Industrial Zones, Tien Du, Bac Ninh .

As a 100% foreign owned company, CURIOUS SEIKI Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing precision mechanical components for cars. Products are provided for Japanese automakers.

CURIOUS SEIKI Vietnam factory phase 2 design

CURIOUS SEIKI phase 2 – M&E system design

After finishing phase 1 of the factory with many high requirements on construction and installation, the factory has a spacious appearance with modern architecture, walled with PU panel and environmental friendly mold for the staff. DELCO is also evaluated as a quality D&B contractor, executing on schedule and ensuring the strict requirements of the investor.

CUIROUS SEIKI Vietnam Factory after finishing phase 1

Over 5 months of construction (from January to March, 2013) of phase 1, DELCO goes to phase 2 with the hope of completing the tasks that the CURIOUS SEIKI has entrusted to prove our construction capacity, especially for constructing precision mechanical manufacturing that require high-end qualification.

The new contract once again affirms the quality of DELCO experts in conducting and supervising construction, which maintains our goal – keeping your trust as our target.


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